Finland invites to one of the best jazz festivals in Europe

In the Finnish town of Tampere, from 4 to 7 November 2010 will be held one of the best European jazz festivals - Tampere Jazz Happening. All the latest news in the world of musical style will be presented at the main jazz festival in Finland. For 28 years

On Malta opens a three-day marathon

At ten o'clock in the morning on November 26 all lovers of athletics (it is expected around 1.500 participants) will gather near the main gate of the ancient capital of Malta, Mdina, where the marathon will be started. The marathon finishes on the beautif

Zurich invites to the wine fair

There are a lot of wine connoisseurs in Zurich. This city is considered as one of the most important business centers in Europe. In Zurich are located the headquarters of the most famous Swiss banks and insurance companies (UBS, Credit Suisse, Swiss Re, Z

Turkey will actively build hotels on the Black Sea coast

Holidays in Turkey today are known mainly due to the country's resorts located on the shores of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. At the same time, Turkish officials may more and more attention to the development of the Black Sea region.

Festival of the Wind on Corsica

Intimate and picturesque resort town of Calvi located on the northwest coast of the Corsica island, on October 29 invites everyone to the opening of an unusual festival - Festival of the Wind (Le Festival du Vent), which will last until November 2. Despit

Spain in autumn: Week of restaurants in Madrid

Madrid is a city of restaurants. There are located restaurants in which description you want to use the word "most", the oldest restaurant, the sportiest, the most expensive or the cheapest, most popular etc. Therefore, visiting Madrid without going to it

Shopping night in Berlin

Holiday calendar of Berlin in autumn is full of different fairs, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events. Throughout the year in the capital of Germany are held countless celebrations of different level of popularity and subjects. It is

World rental market: seasonal trends

What is happening in the world real estate rental market today? It is impossible to imagine a single planetary tendency. In some countries rental market is booming, in others is in decline.

France hosts the Taste Week

France for many years has been considered as a leader in the culinary, and, perhaps, the world's most popular region for gastronomic tourism.

Halloween in Frankenstein's Castle

On October 26, 2010 in a small German town of Darmstadt, located in the Hesse region, will bring together tens of thousands of tourists. Darmstadt itself is capable of impressing even the experienced traveler. However, these people come here not for the s

England invites to a festival in Canterbury

In the south-east of England in the Kent county on October 16 will begin the traditional International Festival of Canterbury Arts, one of the oldest art festivals in England and an important cultural event in the life of the county.

Apartments for rent in the U.S.: the rise in prices in the 3rd quarter

Rental of apartments and homes in the U.S. in the 3 rd quarter of 2010 grew against the background of declining in real estate sales. According to the report by Reis Inc, which make researches for the U.S. real estate market, grow of the housing rental co

The U.S. State Department warns Europe about Al-Qaeda

U.S. Department of State has announced a warning for the American travelers about the possible massive terrorist attacks in Europe.

Real Estate in Austria in the sphere of interests of Elena Baturina

Wife of the former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov Elena Baturina has never concealed her interest in real estate in Austria. Over the past few days in the Austrian press has repeatedly appeared information that one of the richest women in Russia intends to acq

Vacations in Sweden: tours for adventurers

Holidays in Sweden for most tourists mean measured and calm version of the holiday, diluted by recreational sports like skiing. Nevertheless, not only houses in remote rural Sweden are able to captivate tourists. Swedish edition The Local published the op

The future of tourism is Space Taxi and hotels on the Moon

Space tourism, which quite recently seemed absolutely incredible, a fantastic future of Stanley Kubrick's films, now has ceased to be so intriguing and mysterious, and private companies are voicing more and more ambitious plans for space tourism. One of t

In Paris was installed a fountain with soda water

The French capital, Paris, is making huge efforts to create a reputation of not only the most romantic city in Europe, but also the most eco-friendly. The other day in Paris was held a solemn opening of the fountain with soda water.

Holidays in Austria: Salzburg celebrates its Patron Saint Day

In one of the most beautiful cities of Austria, Salzburg, on September 21, 2010 will start bright and colorful festival dedicated to the patron saint of the city - Holy Ruppert.

Apartments for rent in Paris

Rent an apartment in Paris: this issue can teach pragmatism any romantic person. Rent an apartment in Paris, even with the help of the Internet means several days of searching, thinking and relentless problems of choice. What is better: a tiny apartment i

In the Croatian capital the blind are not satisfied with local cafes

Many of the cafes of the Croatian capital Zagreb will have to close this season summer terraces. In accordance with the decision of city authorities in Zagreb central streets of the Croatian capital will be cleared from tables and chairs.

Turkey intends to rebuild the house of the Russian Tsar

Holidays in Turkey, which is becoming more popular among Russians, is gaining more and more attractive features. Thus, among the latest initiatives that are planned to be taken by the Turkish authorities to attract extra attention to the region among tour

Russia introduces new customs rules

In the coming days in Russia and Kazakhstan will enter into force new customs regulations for import of goods for individuals which will affect in the first place many travelers.

Jazz Festival in Montreux

From 2 to 17 July 2010 one of the most prestigious and famous summer resorts in the world - Montreux in Switzerland – for the 44th time will host an international Montreux Jazz Festival. This festival is perhaps the most significant summer jazz event in E

Apartments in Austria: the prices are not affected by the crisis

Prices for apartments in Austria in 2009 did not decline. Influence of crisis on the Austrian real estate market was opposite of the expectations. Prices for apartments in Austria and other types of residential property rose instead of the fall.

Jordan presents music festival in Amman

At the festival will perform bands not only from Jordan, but also from China, Palestine, Turkey, Iraq and Spain. At the opening ceremony of the festival will perform the world-famous singer from Egypt, Amal Maher, accompanied by the orchestra under the di

The only nudist hotel in Turkey has not been able to open

For those who intend to vacation naked in Turkey the news is not very happy. Adaburnu Gölmar Hotel, which could have become the first nudist hotel in Turkey, wasn’t able to start operating. The owners of the hotel stated that they refuse to continue furth

Holidays on Crete: Obama and the giant Greek salad

Holidays on Crete. Today the reputation of one of the main resort areas of Greece decreased as well as the reputation of the tourism sector of Greece. Frequent strikes in Greece force travelers to abandon habitual Greece in favor of other areas. And Crete

Holidays in Croatia: hotels lose, tourists gain

Depression reigns at the Croatian tourist market. Hotels of the country - one of the main providers of tourism revenue in the budget - up to the first half of 2010 point out the decline in reservations. The number of guests who prefer to holiday in Croati

Millions of tourists choose Turkey for holidays

Now is noted the influx of tourists from the Arab region, especially in southern Turkey. In total, the growth of tourist trips to Turkey among Arab tourists in March 2010 was 37% in April - already 44%.

In Barcelona will be held electro Woodstock

SĂ“NAR is also an exhibition of achievements in music industry. At the festival is working an exposition of the manufacturers who offer their new products and musicians can taste it in action. Yet, the main part of the show is a musical performances and di
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