Actually, holiday houses and vacation homes have a slight difference from hotels. They have a number of advantages opposite hotels for people who do not need the hotel service at all. But in any case everything is so individual. Anyway, the selection of the right holiday house for vacation can become rather difficult, especially if a vacation home or a holiday house is situated in a very popular region.

On cottages-fo-holiday.com you will find useful tips how to choose the right vacation accommodation. What should you pay your attention to if you are going to book a vacation home or a holiday house on the internet? How to choose the right vacation object for yourself? General tourist tips and advice will complete the offers.

We hope you’ll get much pleasure while choosing the right holiday house for your vacation.

Holiday rentals

Benefits of large portals on property rentals are obvious: you can rent a house after comparing its price with the prices of other places in...

Summer House Rent

The advantage of large apartment portals are obvious: a cottage can be rented for a price comparison of other accommodation in the region....

Travel Preparations

Where to go on holidays? It is no matter whether you’ll make up your mind to stay at a summer house or you’ll prefer an overall or...

Travel Liguria

Eighty percent of flowers sold in Italy are grown it Liguria. Weather and climatic conditions in the region are unique due to the influence of the Mediterranean Sea and Alps. So if you are looking for a place for enjoyable vacation - Liguria perfectly meets your criteria.

Travel Liguria


Venice is considered to be one of the best tourist destinations for art lovers. Ancient buildings, charming architecture, huge number of museums and interesting history makes Venice a place, where everyone can get fascinating cultural experience.

Venice, Italy


Sicily is not just a good place for summer vacation. The region provides its guest with a chance to learn more about European civilization and enjoy beauty of nature. A wide range of accommodation can be booked directly at en.sizilien-netz.de - apartments, holiday homes, villas and cottages - everyone can find what he is looking for.


Tuscany Cottages

En.toskana-netz.de offers its visitors a comprehensive overview of Tuscany. Information about Tuscany regions, recreation options and cultural events is represented at the portal as well as an extensive catalogue of vacation rentals offered at reasonable prices.

Tuscany Cottages