Vacation Guide

Spending your vacation in a holiday house or a vacation home has its pro and cons. They are not so comfortable as hotels, do not offer room service or breaksfast buffet. Besides, a maid will never come to clean your room in a vacation home or a holiday house. Anyway, one is his own boss within his four walls and can do whatever s/he wishes. The cost of accommodation in a holiday home is not cheap but if you are not alone then the prices for such accommodation drop significantly, and they are much cheaper than a room in a hotel. The opportunity to make your own food will make your daily routine flexible. There are no "mealtimes" at all as in case of package tours or all inclusive tourism.

Vacation homes and holiday houses are not offered for every vacation form. A type of holiday accommodation is rather individual. In some regions cottages are offered, in others - hotels or guest houses. However, we would like to give you some useful advice and tips in order to help you choose the right accommodation for your vacation.

Agro tourism

Agro tourism means living in the rural area in real village houses, with an opportunity to plunge into the everyday life and traditions of a...


Dacha is not just an ordinary cottage located somewhere in the country. It is a symbol the meaning of which changes in accordance with the...

Resort areas

Resort areas consist of dozens of small towns and villages, which are combined under one name. The name may be both geographical - on behalf of...

Best Vacation Goals

They say “Tastes differ”, especially when it concerns the selection of the right vacation goal. Nevertheless,...
Family Vacation in a Summer House

Family Vacation in a Summer House

A family vacation in a summer house makes you feel as if you are at home. It is not a new variant of the vacation; however its popularity rises...

Sports Vacation

Sports vacation is not for lazy people. But why not to plan sports vacation then? Every region of every country offers great opportunities...
Language Vacation

Language Vacation

At first you can notice no connection between the language vacation and summer house. But still knowing a foreign language becomes an everyday...

Youth Vacation

The special kind of vacation when young people travel without their parents is usually called youth vacation. The first vacation in one’s...

Beach Vacation

You hardly be able to find a more pleasant and calm thing than to rent a summer house for your beach vacation. Such holidays are usually connected...

Trailer Vacation

Vacation in a trailer is the vacation in a holiday house on four wheels. You can hardly differentiate between a modern caravan and a modern house....

Short Vacation

Short vacation usually covers few days. This term is usually used for vacation that lasts less than one week. The most popular destinations for...

Travel Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is a great health and wellness region due to the mild climate, charming nature and a wide range of affordable accommodation: villas, cottages, holiday homes and apartments.

Travel Baltic Sea


Are you a fan of hiking? If so, vacation in Queensland offers you a great chance to get acquainted with unique fauna and flora, see beautiful waterfalls and mountain ranges as well as try out the most challenging mountain trails.


Accomodation in Czech Republic

Prague is a great place for celebrating Christmas. The magic of the holiday, beautiful architecture, snow on the roofs of old building - this all create a charming atmosphere, which will everyone enjoy.

Accomodation in Czech Republic

Ski Vacations provides its visitors with extensive information about winter sports and ski resorts all over the world. A huge database of vacation rentals is offered as well.

Ski Holidays

Holidays in Slovakia

Along with family and rural tourism Slovakia offers its guest great opportunities for an extreme vacation. Paragliding, bangie-jumping, mountain climbing and rafting - all of these can be found in Slovakia.