Short Vacation

Short vacation usually covers few days. This term is usually used for vacation that lasts less than one week. The most popular destinations for a short vacation are both sea and mountains or cities. E.g. international journeys belong to the classical journeys of a short vacation. In most cases short vacation is an active one. Most of the short holiday-makers would like to do as many as possible sights during the vacation within a short time.

It is quite difficult to choose a vacation home or a summer house as a kind of an accommodation for a short vacation. Many landlords of a summer real estate within the season want to rent their accommodation weekly. However, this restriction will hardly bother you to have a short vacation as it is still possible to find an apartment. Besides, this restriction belongs predominantly to main travel areas, and to the city journeys it is applied rarely. Of course, owners of the summer real estate spend their short vacation frequently in their own vacation home. Besides, many large parks also offer the renting objects for a short vacation. The main advantage of renting a summer house or a vacation home is the temporal flexibility - as the holiday-maker is not dependent on possibly given meal time. His day is completely planned.

It is also good when a landlord can give some useful tips to his guests. You can always ask the landlords about what objects are particularly worth seeing, where you can relax or have dinner, etc. Every vacation home should have a city plan in order to help the holiday-makers to orientate in the city. More over, it is meaningful to make local tourist association information brochures available. Even though a guest can find such a brochure on his own, nevertheless it will be very good if he/she finds it in the vacation home. Since the information of the tourist associations is usually distributed free of charge, the guests’ satisfaction can be increased by means of these brochures with a very small employment.

Weekend Vacation

Those who do not own a summer house usually prefer to spend their weekends in different destinations. A short vacation on the weekend can serve...