Rentals for holidays: Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and other countries

Portal of the “Cottage Rentals” project contains over 125 000 offers of housing rentals around the world. Most of the proposals of the portal are from private owners. In this directory are also presented major real estate operators.

The widest choice of rentals on the portal represents Europe. Here you can find a variety of accommodation options for holidays in most EU countries that are popular as tourist destinations in summer. Greece and Italy, Spain and France, Croatia and Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania - villas and apartments in these countries are presented very well on the pages of the portal. If you decide to go skiing in the Czech Republic or to the lakes of Finland, or visit the harsh and beautiful fjords of Norway, or to make a tour of the famous wine regions of France - in all these regions “Cottage Rentals” project also offers you options for comfortable and affordable homes that can be rented for vacation or upcoming weekend.

Staying in a private home is often much more interesting than the hotel. It is possible that in some cases you will have to sacrifice some part of comfort, such as daily maid service or breakfast in bed. However, you own space, even for the time, is much nicer and more romantic. In addition, it is much cheaper.

Before you rent a villa or a cottage we advise you to study the proposal. Often in the basic variants is offered limited set of services and more opportunities are available for an additional fee. We also advise you to pay attention to the amount of bail. Typically, its amount increases in the season of summer vacations.

It is worth noting that different countries have different numbers of proposals. Rentals in such regions as Greece and Italy will be represented wider than in Denmark or the Czech Republic. It often happens that many villas and apartments are booked well in advance of the season. The optimal time to start searching for holiday rentals in popular destinations is January-February. It also applies to rental of villas in Spain, Croatia and apartments and homes on the French Riviera.