Cottages South America

from 11.70 USD / night
from 16.20 USD / night
Apartamento Marabierto
Pampatar, Venezuela
Terrasse Family Rooms Non-Smoking Rooms
from 25.00 USD / night
Hotel Streym
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
Guest houses
Family Rooms Non-Smoking Rooms
from 695.00 DKK / night
Gjaargardur Guesthouse Gjogv
Gjógv, Faroe Islands
Guest houses
Non-Smoking Rooms Suitable for Wheelchairs Family Rooms
from 895.00 DKK / night
Guesthouse Hugo
Sørvágur, Faroe Islands
Guest houses
Non-Smoking Rooms
from 500.00 DKK / night
Country houses
Non-Smoking Rooms
from 350.00 DKK / night

South America

South America is a continent situated in the Western hemisphere and offers great vacational opportunities to its guest.

This continent is famous for its flora and fauna. It is washed by the waters for the two oceans – the Atlantic and the Pacific ones. The largest river of the South American continent is the Amazon.

South American population is represented by a great number of various countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and other. Each country has got its culture and traditions, its own historical past.

The landscape of South American continent is also varied. Here you will find both mountains in the West – the Ands and plains and to the East. In the North of South America there is the longest river of the continent – the Amazon. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean and goes through the deep jungle.

South America is the cradle of ancient civilizations. It is one of the most mysterious places in the world. There is an opinion that such ancient sites places like Pukara, Tiawanaku and other ancient cities are connected by underground subways.

There are many more places in South America that you can discover for yourself. You will always find something interesting no matter what country you decide to visit on this wonderful continent. also offers you a wide range of vacation accommodation that you even can book on-line. We hope that this will help you to make your trip to South America only more pleasant!

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