Youth Vacation

The special kind of vacation when young people travel without their parents is usually called youth vacation. The first vacation in one’s life without parents? Not so bad! Usually young people are not sent on far routes alone. And then youth vacation is a vacation in the group. It is possible in many countries for children and young people go on their holidays with the local church or youth club for summer and winter free times. Besides, in catalogues you can find many offers of different tour operators that care for youth journeys.

Children and young people usually come from an age group. Age groups from 13 to 17 the most spread groups. Youth journeys are also partly offered for younger children, starting approximately from the age of 10 years old but in this case the adults will accompany these groups during the vacation. The summer and holiday camps are less expensive. At campgrounds or specially furnished camping or bungalow places young people are organized and employed in accordance with their age, and young persons are usually responsible for these groups. In these groups a large attention is usually paid to mutual support and respect, and to social behavior of the young people. Besides, young people’s day occupation presupposes sport activities and other projects, too. In summer camps young people also get tasks starting with the kitchen service to room cleaning that help them to organize the time sequence in the camp.

Smaller groups usually go to large summer houses, guesthouses or youth hostels on their youth vacations. The main advantage of such dwelling is the self-organization and self food supply.

The costs for such a youth vacation is usually far under those of a usual overall vacation with the hotel stays. This means that children from families without high family income can also travel somewhere on their holidays. Many cities and municipalities pay subsidies to those who provide the vacation to the children from most needy families.

In recent years it has become popular to insure children during the school year and youth going on holidays. Thus language vacation (including vacation abroad) stands right at the top in the offer list of many organizers. You can also reserve “the help at the resort” with purposeful improving of the school weakness. You shouldn’t also forget about sports and training camps that are offered by many associations. A special kind of traveling is class trips.