Family Vacation in a Summer House

Family Vacation in a Summer House Family Vacation in a Summer House

A family vacation in a summer house makes you feel as if you are at home. It is not a new variant of the vacation; however its popularity rises within each day. If you want to devote your time for your family and children, then you should read this.

One of the best advantages of a summer house is that it is much cheaper to rent a summer house than to pay for a hotel room for the same number of persons. Besides, the self food supply in a summer house is also normally cheaper than in a hotel that is very good for your finances.

The holiday house for families with children or smaller groups of holiday-makers is particularly suitable. You can get much pleasure from a relaxed vacation in a child-friendly house far away from the mass departure of the package tours. No small hotel rooms and given rest periods, but much place to playing in the garden and relaxation on the terrace. You are your own boss in the house and only you determine when the day is over. Also the possibility to cook and not to be bound to buffet can be an enormous advantage of a summer house.

Besides, a family vacation in a summer house offers you the possibility to remain not only a guest in a host country but also feel the everyday life and environment of the locals. National typical atmosphere and an authentic environment will give only an extra special attractiveness to the place. You shouldn’t refuse a comfort offered to you. E.g. in many southern countries a pool is just a norm in a summer house. As for the North, then it is a sauna or a cozy fireplace.

Family vacation in a summer house is recommended not only in summer. There offered a good variant of a vacation in winter. You can go to so-called “ski-huts” on your winter holidays, and this variant of vacation becomes more and more popular. Winter holidays spent in an original wood hut with a wonderful fireplace will warm your heart and give you an unforgettable experience of a special kind.

Foto: Ilya Kalachev

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