Vacation for Handicapped

Barrier-free vacation for handicapped humans is a must. Unfortunately, many large tour operators are cut only to “the normal” holiday-maker. And the barrier-free vacation for humans with the handicapped is not presented in many of the high polish brochures of the tour operators.

As for the offers of the special tour operators and the landlords of different vacation homes, so they offer the safest possibility of an excellet vacation for the humans with physical or mental defects and their families. Special tour operators offer predominantly cared bus journeys. But barrier-free hotels are also paid attention to. The destinations should also be adapted to the special requirements, even if many resorts are not adjusted to barrier-free vacation yet.

Many holiday real estate owners adjusted their summer houses purposefully to the interests of the barrier-free vacation. Vacation with the handicapped is also easily possible here. On the offers of summer houses and vacation homes adjusted to the requirements of holiday-makers with the handicapped are marked particularly. Besides, there is an extra selection in the search that lets look for suitable objects only.

And remember, when you are going on holidays with the handicapped, it is always better to get to know everything before you pay for the accommodation. E.g. ask the landlord or the real estate agency if the place is really suited for the handicapped and their families. Is the cottages or a vacation home is barrier-free? Do various tourist agencies also recommend staying there with the handicapped?