Senior Vacation

Senoir Vacation Senoir Vacation

A lot of elderly people can carry out their dream of the rest somewhere in the sun and buy a summer real estate there. There are many offers of trips for people who have already retired. A senior vacation is the type of a vacation that is addressed to people who are already 60.

Especially popular forms of vacation for the seniors are the bus journeys, cruises and culture journeys. Hotel stays and the senior vacation in the rented summer house complete the offer.

The times when one understood special cared journeys by senior vacation are in the past now. The average senior traveler is neither needy nor dependent on special establishements. On the contrary, senior people are very active and independent. But nevertheless, there is still special equipment in the houses for the seniors, which makes their life only easier there.

But still there are some necessary rules that are very important while selecting a good summer house. Pay attention to the shops. They should be situated not far from the summer house in order it would be convenient to do shopping. If these are too far from the summer house, then you can use the service of the landlord who will do shopping for the elderly people. But in this case the part of self-sufficiency and guests’ fun in buying will be lost. It is very important to remember that the seniors adore playing golf. They are interested in yachting ports and sail schools just as historical objects and like to do the sites.

The barrier-free entrances to the summer real estate are also very meaningful. If the summer house has more than one floor, then there should be an elevator. If there are some technical problems, then they should be fixed promptly. There also should be some parking areas for wheelchairs needed by some seniors. If the summer house is suitable for using the wheelchairs, then the landlord should have an appropriate reference in the accommodation listing.

Further point that is also very important for the seniors renting summer real estate is the proximity to a physician or medical resort facilities.

Senior holiday-makers adore being back to the places they liked a lot. Landlords, who adapt their summer houses and vacation homes to the requirements of their guests, can often be pleased about annually returning holiday-makers.

The most beautiful vacation for the seniors is naturally the vacation with the whole family. And, of course, a large summer real estate can be a perfect place for such holidays.

Photo: Hans Jürgen H. Lenk