Agro tourism

Agro tourism means living in the rural area in real village houses, with an opportunity to plunge into the everyday life and traditions of a nation. Italy, Spain, France, Greece today are the main trendsetters in the sector of the global agro tourism. Agro tourism in these countries exists here for many decades. During this time, people there have managed to develop a huge network of private rural hotels, create thousands of different tourist attractions and develop hundreds of routes.

Agro tourism as it is

Agro tourism combines several kinds of travels:

- Ecotourism
- Rural tourism
- Ethnic tourism
- Culinary tourism
- Geo-tourism
- Country recreation

Agro tourism may mean a simple village house on the shore of a lake or a sea with the elements of a national culture. It may be a mini-hotel on the outskirts of the village with a restaurant of rural cuisine. It can also be a homestead on the farm, where guests in addition to staying are offered varied events and excursions.

How to cook cheese and how to harness a horse, how to press the grapes and how to build the stove, how to fish and how to grow lettuce - these questions are answered in the agro tourism houses.

Agro tourism: working for the shelter

Recently became popular working agro tourism, when travelers get rooms and meals in a country in exchange for their own work. In the world there are a number of similar programs, united under the title “Volunteers on the farms”. They are currently supported by 33 countries around the world. Details of the programs are available on

Agro tourist regions in Europe

Many European countries have already identified one or another vector of development of agro tourism. Italy, Spain, France – here rent house in the countryside those, who want to get acquainted with the famous cuisine and wine. Tuscany, Bordeaux, Andalusia are the regions that now have thousands of agro mansions. Agro tourism in Finland is more developed in active recreation, fishing and cycling trips along the shores of the Finnish lakes. Agro tourism in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary - it is an opportunity to learn more about the culture and customs, and live near the natural attractions, whether it is Tatra National Park or recreation on the shore of the Lake Balaton.

Agro tourism: renting a house in the village

House in the village today can be directly rent from the owners or through the Web portals. One of them is Our database features hundreds of agro tourism rental options: cottages, manor houses, villas, houses. In order to select an area of residence and study proposals there use the search on the site.

Agro tourism in Bulgaria

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Agro tourism in Italy

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Agro tourism in Poland

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Agro tourism in Spain

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