Agro tourism in Spain

Agro tourism in Spain. Now this tourist sub-sector is highly developed in the country. The total number of agro tourist farms and villas is amounted to tens of thousands. In Spain today agro tourism means travel through the famous wine regions, rest on the seashore and learning of the culture and life of the country.

Rentals in rural Spain: finca

What is agro tourism in Spain? Firstly, it is its most common form - “finca” rural hotels. In Spain finca, as a rule, is country house or an entire farm, which offers its services to the tourists. There are many such farms in Spain. It may be a completely new villa on the Costa-Doroda or Costa del Sol with its own gardens and stables. Or it may be a 300-year-old mansion in the Basque Country, where to present days the olive oil is squeezed on the old press.

“Casa rurales” is another type of staying in Spain. Casa rurales differs from finca by the fact that most of the time it is a simple country house on the farm. Part of this house is leased for summer to the tourists. In fact, it's like to go to your grandmother in a village for the holiday. Casa rurales is the perfect way to see the Spanish way of life from the inside.

Casa: Spanish village

Agro tourism estates in Spain are also a profitable investment. Apart from the fact that this estate is good for summer holidays, it can also generate a steady income. Thus, the cost of a stone house in Asturia or Galicia with furniture and household can be purchased for 14-20 thousand euros.

Ecotourism in Spain

Ecotourism is a part of the agro tourism in Spain. People go to Spain to relax on the nature, watch rare species of birds, make hike tours through the reserves. The largest nature reserve in Europe Los Picos de Europa, Lake Sanabria, reserves in the Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada park in Andalusia - thousands of tourists go there every year. Rentals in Spanish reserves are represented not only by agro tourism estates, but such types of housing as “refugio” and “fonda”. These are low cost accommodation options that offer tourists few facilities at a modest price.