Agro tourism in Czech Republic

Agro tourism in Czech Republic - today hundreds of farms offer their services in this area. Each region of the Czech Republic is trying to attract tourists with its unique environment. Agro tourism in South Moravia means living in the rural estates of the most famous wine-making region of the Czech Republic. Agro tourism with ecotourism is presented by farmsteads near the Krkonosze Natural Reserve. If you want to visit the famous Czech breweries you should better choose the house in the region of Plzen in the west of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is also popular for horse riding as a form of agro tourism. Horse riding tours in the Czech Republic are possible in many horse farms and estates.

To date the bulk of agro tourists in the Czech Republic are visitors from Holland, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. For the Czechs themselves agro tourism is still quite a new sector. Its development is rather slow, as the majority of Czech agriculture homesteads consider agro tourist rentals in the Czech Republic as an additional and, moreover, not a serious income.

At the same time, some mansions and cottages in the Czech Republic are trying to develop agro tourism and are being actively rebuilt for fans of rural life. Thus, in the vicinity of a small Czech town of Usti nad Labem today you can find not only traditional horse breeding farms that offer accommodation in the rural hinterland, but also such exotic options as goat farm. Here tourist can not only enjoy the natural beauty of the Czech Republic and make excursions to the surrounding attractions, but also get acquainted with the process of making goat cheese, as well as to learn the basics of caring for goats.

It is fair to note that the horse farm is the most common type of rural tourism in the Czech Republic. The total number of such farms in the country is over 150. The second place holds educational tourism, where guests are offered staying and excursions. As for the Czech Republic many farms offer such services in a complex, for example, along with cycling.