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Amadeus Prague Apartments
Prague, Czech Republic
Non-Smoking Rooms Family Rooms
from 66.00 EUR / night
from 599.00 EUR / night
from 231.00 EUR / night
from 168.00 EUR / night
from 215.00 EUR / night
from 215.04 EUR / night
Zatecka N°14
Prague, Czech Republic
Family Rooms Non-Smoking Rooms
from 144.90 EUR / night
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Czech Republic

Czech Republic Vacation

Czech Republic is an underestimated holiday country. This country is no longer an unknown travel destination. For many people the recovery factor is a crucial factor to a successful vacation. Therefore, the trip is not far away. Besides, this country has much to offer for the tourists to spoil them. Accommodation in Czech Republic (no matter if it is a room in a hotel, apartment or a cottage) is inexpensive and yet comfortably furnished. This is really a very important factor for many holidaymakers nowadays.

Above all, the Giant Mountains in the north of the country offer the best winter vacation for athletes. Ski slopes provide excellent conditions in order to attract both the young and the old. Keilberg in the Czech part of the Ore Mountains is also a good starting point for all snow-sports enthusiasts. When you go skiing or snowboarding to Czech Republic it won’t cost you a lot. Tickets there are much cheaper in comparison with other countries. The Czech cuisine is also wonderful and very delicious. Alongside with the well-known dumplings with sauerkraut and pork roasts there are many sorts of beer that are known all over the world and have a long brewing tradition. Cozy restaurants provide a pleasant atmosphere. You also shouldn’t forget about the golden city of Prague with its historical sights and great cultural offers for tourists from all over the world.

The Czech Republic is also convinced by unbeatable wellness offers. Many spas specialize in satisfying tourists’ every wish. Moderate prices and huge selection of treatments speak for themselves. Czech Republic also has a good medical and cosmetic service. The vacation in Czech Republic is recommended for people of all backgrounds. The holiday fund is protected and still you will be able to relax there for sure. The everyday stress is quickly forgotten in the Czech Republic and you will to get back home refreshed.

Photo: Markus Lenk

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