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One of the largest music festivals will take place in Madrid. From July 1 to August 19 «Clásicos en Verano» festival invites all lovers of classical music to the capital of Spain. This year the largest European classical music festival «Clásicos en Verano» celebrates its 25th anniversary and promises to be one of the brightest in the history.

Switzerland: Gurten festival in Bern

For over forty years tourists and musicians from all over the world come in summer to Bern, the capital of Switzerland, to the Gurten music festival. Festival got its name because of the Gurten Mountains, which is located right in the city and local people are very proud of this fact.

Vikings’ week in Sweden

In southern Sweden in the province of Skåne is located the third largest city in the country - Malmo. As a major cultural and commercial center it always attracts the attention of tourists from all over Europe. One of the Malmö attractions is the largest in Scandinavia open-air Foteviken archaeological museum, which is located near the city.

Orthodox Church has been reopened in Nice

On July 1, 2012 all Orthodox Christians of France and the whole Western Europe will celebrate a great event. After nine months of reconstruction Russian St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nice was reopened. It is the biggest Orthodox cathedral outside Russia.

Germany: B-Parade instead of Love Parade?

After two years of break the infamous Love Parade festival of techno music backs to Germany, however in different format. On July 21 B-Parade (new name of the music festival) will be held in Berlin. In addition to its name Love Parade has also changed its concept.

McArthurGlen reports about tourism shopping boom

One of the largest European retailers - McArthurGlen - reported about the boom of tourism shopping in its stores. McArthurGlen outlets, where are presented the most famous world fashion brands, for the first 4 months of 2012 recorded growth of sales among international travelers by 62%.

Strawberry carnival will be organized in Finland

The town of Suonenjoki is located in the south-east Finland. However Suonenjoki is really small, it has quite official status of the capital… the capital of strawberries.

Cyprus: Greek drama on the island

This summer Cyprus welcomes all the fans of Melpomene. The traditional 16th International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama 2012 will be held on the island from 1 to 27 July. The festival takes place throughout the Greek part of Cyprus, but the main events and performances take place in Paphos Ancient Odeon (Paphos), Curium Theatre (Limassol) and Makarios III Amphitheatre (Nicosia).

Norway will troll tourists

Trollstigen (Troll’s footpath), which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Norway, this weekend received the official status of the national tourist route. Trollstigen is an artificial mountain road connecting the town of Åndalsnes in the Rauma municipality and Valldal town in the municipality of Nordahl. Construction of the Troll’s footpath began in 1928 and lasted for eight years. This project was called insane, but on July 31, 1936 the King Haakon VII personally opened the new road and named it Trollstigen.

Paramount Theme Park was founded in Spain

At the end of May a symbolic ceremony of laying the first foundation stone of the Paramount Theme Park, which promises to be the largest amusement park in Spain. It is planned that construction of the Paramount Theme Park will end within 3 years in 2015.
Greece, Rodos

Greece returns tourists back by discounts

Greece, a country that has everything, is now experiencing hard times in its history. The financial crisis that has affected almost all sectors of the Greek economy also affected tourism. Holiday industry in Greece is one of the major sources of income for the country. The share of tourism in the GDP of Greece is around 17%.
Portugal, cape Kabo de Rocas

What's good for foreigners in Portugal?

Many foreigners vacationing in Portugal prefer to travel Portugal has been one of the major tourist destinations in Europe. Portuguese housing sector is always ready to offer tourists a wide range of opportunities for recreation whether it is a villa in Algarve, Lisbon apartments or private hotel in Porto. And as in any other country in the world Portugal has its pluses and minuses. The Portugal News edition decided to find out how critical they are for foreigners.

Holidays in Turkey: Marmaris without "all inclusive"

"All inclusive" is one of the main features, which attract tourists in Turkey. Hundreds of hotels, villas and apartments in Turkey position themselves as "all inclusive". There is even a special grading of hotels, which allows to determine, where the "all inclusive" service is the fullest.

Norwegian wood attracted Kravitz and Sting

Annual rock festival Norwegian Wood will be held in the capital of Norway, Oslo, from 14 to 17 June, 2012. The aim of this event is to provide young and unknown bands for an opportunity to play for big audience, as well as gain priceless experience by communicating with the world-famous rock stars.

"Flood" will happen on

Unique celebration will be held on Cyprus on June 4, 2012. The Cataclysmos (Κατακλυσμός) or the Flood has been celebrated on the island for nearly two thousand years and has no analogues in other countries. Festival is linked with the Orthodox calendar and is celebrated on the fiftieth day after the Easter on the Day of the Holy Trinity.

Portuguese airports stimulate online shopping

Airports in Portugal decided to become among the first in Europe to offer its passengers a new service - shopping on the Internet platform designed specifically for air travelers.

Canaries in July: festival on Fuerteventura beaches

On July 6 Fuerteventura, one of the most popular Spanish resort islands, which is part of the Canary Islands archipelago, will host music festival Fuerteventura en Musica - FEM 2012.

Britain ask tourists to stay

VisitEngland national tourism agency decided to start the large-scale advertising campaign to promote holidays in the UK. Talking about the virtues of vacations on the beautiful austere British Isles the authors hoped to attract by this advertising concept at least some part of the multi-million flow of British tourists from hot resorts in Spain, Italy and Greece.

Festival of wine horses will be held in Spain

During May 1-5 in the old Spanish town of Caravaca de la Cruz in the Murcia province will be held one of the most famous religious festivals in Spain. Caravaca de la Cruz festival has a very long history.

The Netherlands will celebrate the Queen's Birthday

On April 30 the Netherlands will celebrate its most important holiday – Queen Juliana’s Birthday. The story about the queens and their birthdays is quite confusing. The fact is that the Queen Juliana is not the currently ruler.

Rhodes will host the Greek Forum

On April 18, 2012 the Greek Forum will begin for the sixth time on the Greek island of Rhodes. It is one of the most important events of the year dedicated to the development of Russian-Greek tourism.

May in Barcelona: San Miguel music festival

Five-day San Miguel Primavera Sound 2012 music festival will begin on May 30, 2012 in one of the most interesting and exciting cities in Europe - the Catalonian capital Barcelona. This is a large-scale important European music event because, according to many critics, Primavera Sound is the best urban music festival. It's a great achievement considering the fact that the festival will be held just for the 12th time.

Gauthier bought an apartment in Greece

One of the most famous French designers of our time - Jean-Paul Gaultier - has become the owner of real estate in the center of Athens. Couturier has bought an apartment (maisonette) on the 6th and 7th floors of the mansion in the historic center of the Greek capital. One of the main reasons for buying an apartment in Athens was a magnificent view of the Acropolis, which opens from its veranda.

Leipzig: from car to the free public transport

Leipzig intends to find an unusual approach to solve transportation problems in the city. Leipzig authorities decided to reduce the impact of emissions on the environment and avoid multiple traffic jams with the help of public transport. Starting from April 10 for four days the all public transport n the city will be free.

Bicycle capital Vienna

Vienna city administration announced plans to expand the network of bicycle lanes. It is planned to build new tracks and increase the length of the existing bicycle lanes by 20 kilometers. Thus, the total length of bike lanes in the Austrian capital will reach 1,220 km.

Valencia celebrates Las Fallas

Las Fallas takes place simultaneously in several Spanish cities. The main festival procession Fallas de Valencia is held in Valencia. Here all visitors can see the most elegant and unusual papier-mache sculptures, which are the main characters of the holiday. In Valencia they are known as Nino.

French festivals: gourmet frogs in Vittel

La Foire aux Grenouilles annually attracts about 50,000 visitors, who eat about seven tons of frog legs during the two days of the festival. It is a very large number, because an average it needs 30 kilos of frogs to make one kilogram of legs.

Budget superfast train will be launched in Germany

Great success of low-cost airlines is a good stimulus for the emergence of new low-cost means of transport at different tourist directions.

The copy of the famous Mona Lisa was found in the Prado Museum

During the restoration of the painting in the Prado Museum in Madrid, which was considered to be just one of many copies, probably, the most famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci - "Mona Lisa", showed that the picture is much more than an imitation of the genius piece of art.

The world's largest dinosaur park will be opened in Portugal

Jurassic Park Europe's largest dinosaur theme park will appear in Lourinha. Lourinha became famous when a perfectly preserved 150-million year dinosaur skeleton was found here. So, it is obvious why Lourinha area was chosen as the venue for the future park.
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