Vikings’ week in Sweden

Vikings’ week in Sweden
Vikings’ week in Sweden
In southern Sweden in the province of Skåne is located the third largest city in the country - Malmo. As a major cultural and commercial center it always attracts the attention of tourists from all over Europe. One of the Malmö attractions is the largest in Scandinavia open-air Foteviken archaeological museum, which is located near the city.

Designed initially as a center of maritime archeology Foteviken gradually turned into a real Viking settlement, where is reconstructed th way of life of the ancient maritime warriors. Therefore, it is not surprising that, when the Swedes recollect their historical roots, they are going exactly to Foteviken. Such events take place at least once a year. For over sixty years from June 25 to July 1 The Vikings’ Week festival (Vikingamarknad) takes place in Foteviken. At this time here come thousands of fans of old romance, men, women and children. They stay in Foteviken for a week and live like their ancestors. Clothes, utensils, tools, as well as houses and boats are made without modern technology. The main event of Vikingamarknad is a medieval fair, where many tourists can buy hand-made souvenirs, as well as to taste dishes cooked according to ancient recipes. However, it is not only a craft fair. Anyone can become an apprentice to a craftsman and during the whole week study the art of a blacksmith, potter, armorer, etc. But in recent years more and more people have become interested in such courses, and now tourists need to apply for it in advance and not less than in three weeks.

Another major event of the Vikings’ Week is reconstruction of historical battles. This year enthusiasts will reproduce the two battles. One took place on June 4, 1134 right here is Foteviken, while the second occurred in Hastings in 1066.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 05/07/2012

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