The world's largest dinosaur park will be opened in Portugal

The world's largest dinosaur park will be opened in Portugal
The world's largest dinosaur park will be opened in Portugal

"Jurassic Park" Europe's largest dinosaur theme park will appear in Lourinha.
Lourinha became famous when a perfectly preserved 150-million year dinosaur skeleton was found here. So, it is obvious why Lourinha area was chosen as the venue for the future park.

As expected, Jurassic Park in Portugal will occupy an area of 25 hectares. Here will be located an open-air museum of dinosaurs, exhibition pavilion with fossil reptiles and educational sector, where pupils will be offered special scientific attractions. Dinosaur museum exposition will include at least 250 full-size models of the ancient reptiles.

Opening of the new park in Portugal will be an additional opportunity for the family holiday industry to attract the attention of tourists to the country. To date, Spain with its giant theme parks in Port Aventura and Terra Mitica contributes to the largest part of the tourist attraction traffic on the Iberian Peninsula.

Park’s fund is amounted at 10 million euros, which will allow the project to begin in the near future. Private investors will also be offered to participate in creating the amusement park along with state companies.

Thus, one of the partners in creating the Dinosaur Park in Portugal will be the German company known for participating the similar entertainment project in Germany. It’s about the Dinopark in the town of Munchenagen near Hannover.

In January 2012 Lourinha city authorities and German company signed an agreement that allows the German side to participate in the park construction and manage it.

Construction of the park in Portugal is planned to be finished in mid-spring 2013. Creators of the park hope to attract up to 200,000 people annually. The average single ticket will cost 12 euros per day.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 13/02/2012

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