Leipzig: from car to the free public transport

Leipzig: from car to the free public transport
Leipzig: from car to the free public transport

Leipzig intends to find an unusual approach to solve transportation problems in the city. Leipzig authorities decided to reduce the impact of emissions on the environment and avoid multiple traffic jams with the help of public transport. Starting from April 10 for four days the all public transport n the city will be free.

This step is aimed to help the drivers to refuse from personal vehicles, which will improve ecological situation in the city.

Today in Leipzig there are several types of public transport: buses, trams and local railways. When the fuel is becoming more expensive every month and emissions are steadily growing, this initiative promises to be a real panacea for the urban ecology. The Leipzig authorities have no doubt that using of public transport will minimize bad impact on the environment.
During four days any owner of the German driving license will be able to use public transport simply by showing it to the inspector instead of the ticket. Not only owners of the licenses, but also their family members will be able to enjoy the offer.

Leipzig became the first city in Germany, which decided to introduce such experiment. There is no doubt that in the near future this experience will be used by other German cities.

As for the fuel prices, they continue to grow steadily. On the Easter Eve the cost of the most expensive petrol in the country set another record - 1.7 euros per liter.

Today Germany is one of European leaders by introducing eco-technologies in transport. Many cities, including Berlin, plan to ban the entrance of vehicles in their historic centers in order to optimize the level of pollution and noise. The country already has a number of examples of unique urban environment organization. One of them is the city of Freiburg, where the percentage of eco technologies in energy and transport are among the highest in the world.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 11/04/2012

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