Holidays in Turkey: Marmaris without "all inclusive"

Holidays in Turkey: Marmaris without "all inclusive"
Holidays in Turkey: Marmaris without "all inclusive"
"All inclusive" is one of the main features, which attract tourists in Turkey. Hundreds of hotels, villas and apartments in Turkey position themselves as "all inclusive". There is even a special grading of hotels, which allows to determine, where the "all inclusive" service is the fullest.

But amid the global financial crisis not all hotels in Turkey will be able to afford the "all inclusive" system. Among those, who are forced to refuse from "all inclusive", are companies offering yacht tours in Marmaris, one of the key resorts on the Aegean Sea.

Previously, passengers of several excursion ships and yachts in Marmaris could enjoy free unlimited drinks and snacks on board during short cruises in the Aegean Sea. Now such luxury comes to an end. The union of sea shippers in Marmaris from 2012 summer season will turn to paid meals during the trips. It was announced by the head of the union Ali Burke in an interview with the Turkish edition Hurriyet Daily News.

Today the city union of excursion operators includes in total 10 ships. All of them offer one-day tours across the Aegean Sea, known as "The Cave" and "Dalian". Now the tour price will include only trip, meals on board should be paid separately.

Despite the fact that due to the cancellation of the old system many boats and ships have experienced reducing in demand for their services, in the future, according to Mr. Burke, this step would improve the quality of services, as money that were earlier spent on food will now be directed to the transport modernization.

It is expected that Marmaris tourist fleet will be not the only to turn from "all inclusive" to the traditional scheme of payment. Currently in Turkey there are over 60 hotels using "all inclusive" system. According to Ali Burke, it is likely that hotels in Marmaris in the near future may also abandon the "excesses" in favor of better quality.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 12/06/2012

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