Switzerland: Gurten festival in Bern

Switzerland: Gurten festival in Bern
Switzerland: Gurten festival in Bern

For over forty years tourists and musicians from all over the world come in summer to Bern, the capital of Switzerland, to the Gurten music festival. Festival got its name because of the Gurten Mountains, which is located right in the city and local people are very proud of this fact.

It is one of the favorite places for walks and meetings. Superb view of the old town and alpine peaks (the height of Gurten is 858 meters above sea level) opens from the mountains. Gurten hosts a variety of concerts and cultural events throughout the year. One of them is Gurten rock festival, which was first held in 1977. However, now the festival presents its guests much more extensive program. Annually more than 50.000 tourists and folk, pop, rock and hip hop musicians come to Bern. Here performed The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Placebo, Oasis, Alanis Morissette, Bob Dylan, Avril Lavigne, Billy Idol, and Motörhead.

All concerts are held on three large stages: two open (Mainstage and Weststage) and one closed (Eaststage). This year from 12 to 15 of July festival guests will be able to listen to performances of such well known bands and artists like Snow Patrol, Norah Jones, The Roots, Plan B, Gorillaz Sound System, Example, and many others. Visitors of the Gurten festival can expect not only concerts, but also dances and other entertainment, as well as excellent cuisine in several restaurants and bars located in the festival territory. Ticket prices range from 55 to 90 CHF per person (41 - 72 Euros).

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 05/07/2012

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