Germany: B-Parade instead of Love Parade?

Germany: B-Parade instead of Love Parade?
Germany: B-Parade instead of Love Parade?

After two years of break the infamous Love Parade festival of techno music backs to Germany, however in different format. On July 21 B-Parade (new name of the music festival) will be held in Berlin. In addition to its name Love Parade has also changed its concept. Now not only techno bands will take part in the festival, but also musical groups representing other directions of electronic music. However, the Berlin authorities have not yet allowed organization of this event, the organizers are sure about the positive decision. The B-Parade organizers will pay particular attention to the safety and stage construction, where musicians will perform.

For the first time the Love Parade was held in summer 1989 in Berlin. It was initiated by the two legends of the German electronic music - DJ Dr. Motte (Matthias Roeingh) and DJ Westbam (Maximilian Lenz). They organized a march on the Kurfürstendamm street, which was attended by one hundred and fifty fans of techno music and two cars equipped with cassette tape recorders and loudspeakers. However, in ten years Love Parade managed to gather nearly half a million of fans, while DJs performed at fifty-one mobile stage, each of which represented a techno club.

But in 2006 the authorities banned the festival in Berlin. It was decided to move it to the Ruhr region (Ruhr Gebiet), where it should have taken place in different cities. 2008 festival was planned to be held in Bochum, 2009 - in Dortmund, 2010 - in Duisburg, 2011 - in Gelsenkirchen. But the tragedy in 2010 completely changed the plans. During the Love Parade in Duisburg 21 people were killed and 511 seriously injured during a stampede due to the poor organization and bad location (indoor ground had only one way out through the underground tunnel). As a result Love Parade was banned.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 28/06/2012

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fail ... the event was cancelled 3 weeks ago