Festival of the Wind on Corsica

Festival of the Wind on Corsica
Festival of the Wind on Corsica

Intimate and picturesque resort town of Calvi located on the northwest coast of the Corsica island, on October 29 invites everyone to the opening of an unusual festival - Festival of the Wind (Le Festival du Vent), which will last until November 2. Despite the name Le Festival du Vent is dedicated to human rights, solidarity among all people and the ecological situation in the world. The motto of the Festival is the phrase: "The wind stirs the human thirst for adventure, a desire to know the unknown and became open to the world." Four-day festival that will be held in Calvi will gather hundreds of enthusiasts from all over the world, among whom will be athletes, writers, sociologists, musicians, environmentalists and scientists.

The main objective of the Festival of the Wind, according to the organizers, is an attempt to combine the latest technologies aimed at conserving the environment, artistic culture and sports. Here will also be organized a special large-scale program for the children. In addition to musical performances and art exhibitions at the Festival are expected contests and exhibition performances in virtually all air sports: the paragliding, hang-gliding, bungee-jumping, parachuting and kiting, as well as competition between the balloon owners. Here also will be held a grand performance of the 2nd Airborne foreign Regiment 2 ° REP of the French Foreign Legion, which is based in the citadel of Calvi.

Organizing for the 18th time Le Festival du Vent, enjoys great popularity and gathers except from a few thousand of participants more than 50,000 of spectators, and since the city is not a metropolis people should take care of rentals in advance.

But not only the festival attracts tourists in Calvi, as it is one of the most beautiful resorts on Corsica, which has its own fascinating history and has preserved many historical monuments. For example, a grand citadel, built in the upper town in the 16th century. On its territory is located a beautiful governor's palace, and at the gate can still be read historical motto: «Civitas Calvi semper fidelis» («Citizens of Calvi are always faithful"). One more very popular sight is the Cathedral of John the Baptist of the 16th century and the Cathedral of Santa Maria located in the port.

Date: 26/10/2010

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