In Paris was installed a fountain with soda water

In Paris was installed a fountain with soda water
In Paris was installed a fountain with soda water

The French capital, Paris, is making huge efforts to create a reputation of not only the most romantic city in Europe, but also the most eco-friendly. The other day in Paris was held a solemn opening of the fountain with soda water.

A new drinking fountain «la pétillante» with soda water is located in one of the largest parks of east Paris - Jardin de Reuilly - and is almost a work of art with stormy life-giving water jets of soda, which image appears in your imagination with the word "fountain". Parisian innovation is very utilitarian and reminds of a wooden kiosk with cranes and buttons for dosage of water.

The novelty of the French capital strongly reminds modernized and globalized version of the good old Soviet machines with soda, which were widely used in the territory of the USSR since 1932 and offered a glass of cool soda for just one copeck.

According to Eau de Paris company that installed the drinking fountain, which immediately became extremely popular, the system uses ordinary tap running water, which is cooled to 7-9 C and carbonated.

The main advantage of the French innovation is the ability to quench the thirst with cool sparkling or tap water for free. According to organizers, the installation of drinking fountain «la pétillante» is not an attempt to wean the French from the tradition of regular wine consumption. However, this experiment is designed not only to provide parks of Paris with free soda, but also to reduce the consumption of bottled water, which reaches about 150 liters per person per year.

The experience in installation of drinking fountains was borrowed from Italy, where currently operate more than 200 such drinking fountains. According to the authorities, the installation of drinking fountains in Paris will reduce the use of plastic packaging, which is not only difficult in processing, but also significantly affects the quality of containing drinking water and even fills it with dangerous toxins.

According to the water company Eau de Paris, Paris drinking fountain «la pétillante» provides around 3,000 liters of water per day, which saves up to 2,300 1.5L plastic bottles. The company also plans to supply all the capital's parks with similar drinking fountains.

You can visit the new eco-friendly Parisian sight at any time while park is operating park. Hotels and apartments in Paris can be booked online on

Date: 28/09/2010

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