Millions of tourists choose Turkey for holidays

Millions of tourists choose Turkey for holidays
Turkey 2010: tourist influx is expected to reach 30 million people

Turkey is a popular travel destination not only for people from Russia, Germany and the UK. This season Turkey expects growth in tourist flow from some Arab countries. Due to easing of visa regime with a number of states of the Middle East in 2010 the number of Arab tourists should reach about 1 million. This figure was announced by the Turkish edition Hurriyet Daily News, quoting the head of the Association of Tourism Investors of Turkey Turgut Gür.

Now is noted the influx of tourists from the Arab region, especially in southern Turkey. In total, the growth of tourist trips to Turkey among Arab tourists in March 2010 was 37% in April - already 44%.

This year tourist authorities of Turkey intend to attract to the country about 30 million tourists. Revenues from tourism in Turkey should make over 20 billion dollars.

Against the background of tourist flow from the Middle East in Turkey has been observed a sharp drop in demand from tourists from Israel. Capturing of the vessel under the Turkish flag while trying to break through the blockade of the Gaza Strip served as the main reason for the abolition of more than 50,000 tours to Turkey booked earlier by Israeli tourists.

Among the resorts in Turkey, which show more than successful performance, a traditional leader is Antalya. Antalya, year after year shows a steady growth of tourist nights. Since the beginning of 2010 to rest in Turkey at its main resort came more than 3 million people. And it is only those tourists who arrived in Antalya by air.

In addition to the overall growth of the flow at the resorts of Turkey is growing interest to the sightseeing and cultural tours. Thus, among the Russian tourists in Turkey is traditionally popular the city of Myra - birthplace of Nicolas the Wonder-maker, the Roman colony of Olympos and Phaselis.

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Date: 16/06/2010

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