Vacations in Sweden: tours for adventurers

Vacations in Sweden: tours for adventurers
Sweden offers more than just a holiday cottage by the sea, but also exciting adventure tours

Holidays in Sweden for most tourists mean measured and calm version of the holiday, diluted by recreational sports like skiing. Nevertheless, not only houses in remote rural Sweden are able to captivate tourists. Swedish edition The Local published the options for recreation that are offered for tourists in Sweden.

On dogs in the Arctic
Riding on the sled dog - such tours can be found in the Swedish region of Västerbotten. Swedish travel agency Aurora Borealis Adventures ( offers a four-day trip on a dog sled in the Arctic as one of the most exciting trips this winter in Sweden.

Rafting on the rivers of Sweden
The exceptional extreme - rafting on the rivers of the Swedish Värmland region. This service was included in its range the travel agency Vildmark i Värmland ( At first glance, not so extreme trip turns out to be much more exciting after closer acquaintance with the tour. After all, the participants have to collect rafts by themselves.

Tour into Lapland to Sami people
Northern Sweden is called Lapland. Swedish Lapland is populated by Sami people. Acquaintance with the life and traditions of this nation, living side by side with them in their yurts, reindeer sled trips – such an unusual way to stay in Sweden offers a travel agency Nutti Sámi Siida (

Horse riding tour along the border of Sweden and Norway
Horse tour of Jämtland, along ridges, beautiful pine forests and vast pastures seems to be really Swedish, the classic way to get acquainted with the country and its natural beauty. However, not only the forests and fields will enrich the emotions of the traveler, but also the horses on which you are to make a riding tour. They will be the Icelandic ponies. Such services are offered by the Korpens Öga company (

Tours on mountain bike around the island of Gotland
Well, in conclusion we offer classical leisure. Tours on mountain bike to Gotland, one of the largest islands of Sweden, will be noticeable also by the fact that one of the most famous "masters of Adventures in Sweden" - Berra Markuson will participate in it. Tour operator is company.

Date: 01/10/2010

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