In the capital of Malta will be celebrated the Day of St. Paul’s shipwreck

After the mass on the main streets of the city will march the festive procession of the city’s La Valette brass band, which will finish in the evening at 21.30 on the square of St. John. All these events will be held is the funny and happy atmosphere: hou

Holidays in Switzerland: the classical music festival in Gstaad

Holidays in Switzerland in winter primarily consist of downhill skiing. Nevertheless, not only the opportunity to ski on the famous Alpine slopes of Switzerland attracts tourists to this country. In the south-west of Switzerland, about 80 kilometers from

Skiing in Austria: St. Anton reduces prices

This year much more Russian tourists than last year visited the alpine skiing resorts in Austria. It is explained by the outflow of Russian tourists from the ski resorts of France to the cheaper regions, as well as numerous sales and discounts in the regi

Grand Carnival on Cyprus

In early February the demand for houses on Cyprus despite the low season begins to grow. The second largest city of the sunny Cyprus, Limassol, is preparing for the traditional Apokreo Carnival, which begins on February 4, 2010 and ends after 11 days on t

Ski resort in France invites to the snowboard festival

In the north of the Haute Savoie region near the border with Switzerland is located a young but already very popular ski resort of France - Avoriaz. Here, in Avoriaz on January 30, 2010 will be launched a six-day International AVOSNOWFEST Festival of snow

Ski holidays in France: The White Race in Autrans

In a small French village of Autrans located in the province of Rhone-Alpes in the south-east of the country in 1979 was held a unique for that time competition in cross-country skiing. Anyone can participate regardless of their age and athletic training.

Salzburg Mozart Week invites you

In late January, one of the largest cities in Austria - Salzburg that is full of attractions - traditionally becomes the world capital of classical music. This season is no exception. On January 22, 2010 in the hometown of the great composer Wolfgang Amad

In Spain will be held the Tamborrada festival

Every year, over three hundred years in the Spanish city of San Sebastián, on January 20 is held a wonderful Tamborrada holiday, which is very popular among locals and tourists who come specifically to the town in these days. An unusualness of the holiday

In Monaco will be held a circus festival

In one of the smallest countries in the world Monaco on January 14 will begin the most prestigious circus festival the Festival international du cirque de Monte-Carlo. Within 10 days in the arena of world-renowned Chapiteau de Fontvieille tens of thousand

Les Houches resort invites for the Russian week

From 10 to 14 January 2010 at the French ski resort of Les Houches, which is famous for its comfortable 4-star chalets and developed tourist infrastructure, will be organized the "Russian Week". For those do not want to miss such a significant event on da

Musical winter in Prague

Just after the celebration of the Catholic Christmas and the New Year, in the capital of the Czech Republic was opened a new cultural season. Already on January 2, 2010 Prague invites all music lovers for the Music Prague Winter Festival

In Montenegro will be opened a new national park

n 2010 in Montenegro will be opened to the public the fifth national park - Prokletije. Located on the west Balkan Prokletije mountain range (Cursed Mountains), or as it is also called the North Albanian Alps, is the most inaccessible mountain range in Eu

Street Theater Festival in Deauville

In December, the whole France is immersed in the joyous pre-holiday clutter. On Christmas Eve in France in all the cities are held fairs and all kinds of festive events. Among all this pother is worth to be highlighted the annual festival held in a small

In Sweden was celebrated the St. Lucia Day

On December 13, 2009 all over Sweden was celebrated one of the most inspiring and most popular Swedish holidays - the Saint Lucia Day (Luciadagen), in Latin the name Lucia means "light", and in Christianity is known the Holy Martyr Lucia of Syracuse, who

Christmas in Norway: Fair Museum

In Norway, in the Norwegian Museum of Culture in the capital, Oslo, on December 12 and 13 will be held famous annual Christmas Fair. Norsk Folkemuseum is the world-famous Norwegian ethnographic open air museum that is located in one of the most picturesqu

The largest cruise liner in the world is to make the first trip

The world's largest cruise ship Oasis of the Seas on the first day of December will make its first tourist cruise. It sets sail from Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA) and will take a course to Labadie in Haiti, the board will host 6360 passengers and 2160 cr

Sweden prepares to open an ice hotel

In Swedish Lapland, on the river Thorn is located a unique hotel made of ice (Icehotel). Today in the world has already been opened several similar hotels, but the Icehotel is different.

In Venice will be opened the market of wonders

Venice is the most amazing city. In Venice everything is unusual: location, architecture, local traditions and history, magnificent canals and bridges, music, theater. Tourist, renting an ordinary apartment in Venice, could plunge into deep antiquity and

In Milan will be celebrated the day of Saint Ambrogio and the opening of La Scala

In the northern Italy's economic capital Milan, on December 7, 2009, will be held the most fun and significant event of the beginning of the winter - Fiesta in honor of St. Ambrogio, who is the patron saint of Milan. The festivities will last for three da

France will celebrate the New Wine Year

Every third Thursday of November, which in 2009 is 19 of November, in France for more than 55 years has been celebrated the New Year. Villas in France near Lyon are filled with hundreds of tourists in order to participate in the New Year celebrations, whi

Munich presents the Tollwood Winterfestival

Since mid-November Europe begins to actively prepare for the celebration of Christmas and New Year. And Bavaria is not an exception, where in addition to the Oktoberfest there are tens of other festivals. All the cities of Bavaria, both large and small, o

In Bruges will be held the Ice Sculpture Festival

On November 20, 2009 in one of the largest cities of Belgium, Bruges (niderl. Brugge, fr. Bruges), will be started the winter international festival of ice sculptures "Ice Age" (L'Age de Glace), which will last until January 10, 2010.

Skiing in France: Val Thorens for the beginners

Skiing in France is a theme that is becoming increasingly popular in the tourist world with the winter season. In the next two weeks at the ski resorts of France will be opened the season, which invariably attracts the attention not only of the athletes a

Holidays in Switzerland: a new ski resort for children

Ski holidays in Switzerland are not only fashionable bohemian Davos and Cran-Montana, but also very democratic resorts for winter vacations the whole family. Recently the Swiss tourism industry began to increasingly focus on family and children recreation
London, the Thames embankment. Foto: Belaya Alesya

London Festivals: the Lord Mayor’s City show

On November 14 in the British capital of London will be held a colorful and grandiose event, the Lord Mayor's Show, which is comparable to the London carnival.

Fieracavalli in Verona

n autumn Italy offers many interesting events. One of them is Fieracavalli in Verona. The lovers of equestrian and horse-breeding business representatives gather in Verona, Italy, where on November 5 will begin the most popular in Europe International Fai

Skiing in Finland: Ruka resort is opened for the first guests

One of the most famous ski resorts in Finland Ruka that is located in the northern part of the country 20 km from the town of Kuusamo prepared for the lovers of active rest some pleasant surprises. Ruka is the first resort that opened this year the ski se

In Madrid will be held the art festival

Holidays in Spain are not limited by visiting corrida or magnificent Mediterranean beaches. When comes autumn with cloudy weather and rain a stream of beach holiday lovers in Spain runs out.

In Tallinn will be held the fair of St. Martin

The tourists who want to feel the ancient traditions, to plunge into the atmosphere of a romantic medieval life should visit the magnificent capital of Estonia Tallinn during the period from November 1 to 15 when there will be held an annual medieval fair

In Greece will be celebrated the No Day

the hot summer months. When the main tourist season in Greece ends, in the country begins another season that in many ways is far more entertaining, it is the season of festivals and holidays. For tourism in Greece autumn can be much more interesting than
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