WonderFall at Family-Friendly Beaches Resorts

In September family-friendly Beaches Resorts offer WonderFall to its guests. It is a new annual program that includes different events and activities aimed at parents with small children.

Romanian Police in Bulgarian Resorts

The Romanian police can start their work in Bulgaria since this summer as soon as the agreement between the both countries will be signed.

No Smoking at Sheraton Hotels

Soon Sheraton Hotel brands will ban smoking in their 300 hotels and resorts more that are situated in the USA, Canada and in the Caribbean.

Egypt is Worth Investing

Interest to Egypt as a holiday destination is growing within each day. This is explained by several factors.

St.Valentine’s Day from Wyndham Hotels

If you have no special plans for the St.Valentine’s Day but you still want to spend it in a special way, then you are to look through the Windham Hotels and resorts offers.

Dog Service Included

Many people have pets who they really do not want to part with whenever and wherever they go. Now they face fewer difficulties than before when they travel with their pets.

Ski Vacation in Bulgaria

It seems that ski resorts in Bulgaria are flourishing now due to their excellent snow conditions and the flock of tourists.

The Resorts in Cape are Flooded

Bad weather conditions in Cape resorts spoilt a vacation for many people because of heavy rains and rockslides that have taken place in the region recently.

More Pan Pacific Hotels in China and Singapore

The Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts Company announced about its plans to build the hotel in China in the city of Tianjin. Besides, it is in the company’s plans to build one more hotel in Singapore.

Villages Resorts’ New Beach Club

In Flint was opened the new Beach Club section of the Villages Resort. As soon as the club develops to its full extent, it will consist of 144 units that in the future will be sold to the local owners.

Mauiat Wailea’s New Offers

Four Season resort of Mauiat Wailea has always been known all over the world for its wonderful beaches and splendid position and perfect service that will satisfy even the most capricious clients but now it has new offers.

Turkey under Water

Due to heavy rains that have been taking places for three days already in Turkey many of its resort cities were gone under water.

Boom for the Baltic and North Sea

As the summer real estate expert of the Dresden's Bank Thomas Beyerle thinks, the North and Baltic Sea summer real estate is before a new boom stand

SunInvest Fair’07

The Germans buy the second real estate. 72% think about buying it. The SunInvest fair will be held in October with 12,000 offers from 20 countries.
Tuscany Agritourism

Agritourism Houses in Tuscany

FTI makes the holiday-makers vacations in Tuscany easier. With cheap vacation homes and country apartments on the Tuscany farms your vacation will be more attractive.

Holiday Real Estate Compass

Different European holiday regions from Sylt to the Tuscany are being examined from the point of view of purchase price and rent. In the focus are the price and the quality of summer real estate.

Mobile Home Turnover Plus

The German caravan industry could increase their conversion with new vehicles due to a very good export result with the trailers in the first half-year 2007.

Vacation Area near Annaberg (Tenngau)

The holiday village Astauwinkel in Anna mountain (Salzburg, Austria) is advised into the visor of the national environmental bar of Salzburg. Although the entire arrangement is almost finished, the environmental bar still requires an environmental compati
Summer House in Centre Parks

Centre Parks New Catalog

New offers of short vacation in one of the 17 Centres Parks: catalog autumn/winter 2008 has already appeared.

Dachas Eradication in Sochi

The Russian owners of summer houses in the country who built their dachas illigally there are having problems now. The district governor of Sochi wants to proceed substantially against illicit buildings at the Black Sea coast.
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