Holiday Real Estate Compass

Holiday Real Estate Compass
Holiday Real Estate Compass

The magazine Capital with the holiday real state compass opens its expenditure 18/2008. Different European holiday regions from Sylt to the Tuscany are being examined from the point of view of purchase price and rent. In the focus are the price and the quality of summer real estate.

As it was indicated in an island newspapers Sylt the leaders in prices for purchasing and renting property are Germann destinations Sylt and Ru. In Kampen one will pay 5 – 12 million euro for the house situated in a better neighborhood, if its position is a bit simpler, then the house will cost from 2.5 to 5 million euro. Completely in contrast to it is the top destination at the east lake like the old Kaiserba that stands for the herring village or Ahlbeck on Usedom. In simple situations one still can get a holiday object starting from 150.000.

In Spain the boom for holidays property was also noticed during the past 10 years. The prices became 3 times higher. I.e. in Spanish Küste the prices for real estate became the same as in HÅ‘he and even threatened the depreciation. The price level is also very high in Italian Tuscany and Ischia but in spite of this fact these resorts are still very popular. The price level is also high at the North and Baltic Seas.

While making the price list the editors of Capital relied on a local real estate agent in each case. Unfortunately, only very few of the popular holiday regions are listed.

Date: 25/08/2007

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