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Hundreds of rental houses can be closed in Ireland

Owners of many rental houses in Ireland could lose their revenue due to the new law requirements. A special act, adopted by the government in 2009, requires owners of all types of rental properties built before 1963 to improve the quality of its services. In particular, each apartment in the house must have its own bathroom.

Apartment rentals in Norway are getting more expensive

Average apartment rental price (for one sq m. per year) in Norway in the 1st quarter of 2012 for each segment: 1-bedroom apartment: 2027 NOK 2-bedroom apartment: 1399 NOK 3-bedroom apartment: 1157 NOK 4-bedroom apartment: 952 NOK 5-bedroom apartment: 843 NOK

Rentals in Portugal: conditions for owners

Currently, Portugal’s substantial part of the budget comes from tourism. Therefore, certain types of tourism activities in this country are still very "over-regulated".

Apartments in Berlin in the largest brewery in Europe

In Berlin, on the territory of once the largest brewery in Europe, will be created residential and commercial complex. Patzenhofer Brewery, located in the Friedrichshein district will be transformed by its new owner - ESTAVIS - one of the largest operator

Rental in New York: 8.3 meters for Felicia Cohen

Capsule hotels, Yotel tiny rooms - all this has become almost usual part of modern hotel industry. What can be said about the rental market. Renting a flat of little more than 8 square meters requires a truly irresistible passion for austerity.

Apartment rentals: the most expensive cities in the world

International consultancy agency ECA International designed the list of the most expensive cities in the world in terms of housing rental. ECA International is a company, which core competence is staff management. Therefore, the data published in the ECA

Rental in Moscow: January figures

Rental market in Moscow remains unstable. In some segments is seen rise, but in others demand is continuing to fall. This applies both to retail space rental and apartment and office rental.

Rome imposes taxes on tourists

According to the authorities of Rome, the new tax is only a reasonable fee, which travels pay for the usage of the infrastructure of the Eternal City, which will come to the city budget and will provide a higher level of tourist service.

Property in Spain: How to sell 1.5 million of homes?

The property market in Spain is experiencing hard times. Because of unemployment in the country the number of transactions on sale of real estates has dramatically reduced. As noted by Bloomberg referring to the Spanish consultancy RR. de Acuña & Asociado

Apartments for rent in the U.S.: the rise in prices in the 3rd quarter

Rental of apartments and homes in the U.S. in the 3 rd quarter of 2010 grew against the background of declining in real estate sales. According to the report by Reis Inc, which make researches for the U.S. real estate market, grow of the housing rental co

Apartments for rent in Paris

Rent an apartment in Paris: this issue can teach pragmatism any romantic person. Rent an apartment in Paris, even with the help of the Internet means several days of searching, thinking and relentless problems of choice. What is better: a tiny apartment i

Diva Hotel on Maldives

Diva Hotel is a five-star hotel that belongs to NaĂŻade Resorts hotel group. There are two clubs for children in the hotel.

New Vacation Homes in Turkey

Unicorn Investment Bank approved the investment by the Turquoise Coast Investment Company in vacation homes that are planned to be built of the Bodrum Peninsula.

Egypt is Worth Investing

Interest to Egypt as a holiday destination is growing within each day. This is explained by several factors.

Dog Service Included

Many people have pets who they really do not want to part with whenever and wherever they go. Now they face fewer difficulties than before when they travel with their pets.

More Pan Pacific Hotels in China and Singapore

The Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts Company announced about its plans to build the hotel in China in the city of Tianjin. Besides, it is in the company’s plans to build one more hotel in Singapore.

Boom for the Baltic and North Sea

As the summer real estate expert of the Dresden's Bank Thomas Beyerle thinks, the North and Baltic Sea summer real estate is before a new boom stand

SunInvest Fair’07

The Germans buy the second real estate. 72% think about buying it. The SunInvest fair will be held in October with 12,000 offers from 20 countries.

Holiday Real Estate Compass

Different European holiday regions from Sylt to the Tuscany are being examined from the point of view of purchase price and rent. In the focus are the price and the quality of summer real estate.