Apartments for rent in Paris

Apartments for rent in Paris
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Paris

Rent an apartment in Paris: this issue can teach pragmatism any romantic person. Rent an apartment in Paris, even with the help of the Internet means several days of searching, thinking and relentless problems of choice. What is better: a tiny apartment in Paris on the right bank, or an apartment in Paris in the Latin Quarter. Renting a more expensive guest house close to the metro or on the outskirts with daily housekeeping and a garden view? It is possible that those who want to see the capital Paris from the window of the apartment are to find the answers to these and other questions.

To live like a Parisian

To live like a Parisian – what does it mean? Quality apartments in Paris can now be determined according to the areas, the degree of furnishing, size, width of the balcony, flavors of bistro on the corner, neighbors, age, employers and, of course, price.

Law and your own order

Rent is a case that in the whole France is under close supervision of the state. Paris authorities set the maximum rent bar to avoid scaring market prices. Nevertheless, renting the apartment at a published price is not always easy. The law does not prevent many owners to circumvent inconvenient details. Therefore, the price, which is specified in the contract and the price actually paid by tourists is often not always the same. The latter, of course, is higher. But anyway, here everything is decided by mutual consent: how much a man needs this apartment and what price suit the owner.

Rent an apartment in Paris

Rent price - where does it start? An average long-term rental in Paris can be found for about 150-350 euros per week. To give an idea of what is included in this amount we give a rough description: flat with one bedroom, bathroom, balcony, close to the downtown and subway. Find an inexpensive apartment in Paris for a day is quite unreal. It costs from 40 euros on the outskirts - for the same money you can find a simple Ibis.

Who can rent an apartment in Paris

Rent of an apartment can be advantageous than a hotel. The most convenient way is to rent an apartment for a company (4 people), a family with children, tourist who travels to Paris for a period longer than two weeks. In all these cases there is a real opportunity to save on the price difference between renting an apartment and hotel room.

Long-term rental of apartments in Paris

Long-term rental of apartments in Paris starts from one year or more. One year lease agreement is signed for furnished apartments. Unfurnished apartment in the vast majority of cases is leased for three years. Renting of a small studio for a year (25-30 sq. m) far from the center will cost about 500-750 euros per month (long search), 800-900 euros (one or two days).

Paris seasons

Tourists are interested in Paris all the year round. So perhaps the only time you can count on the seasonal decline in prices is the end of November and early December.

Rentals in the districts of Paris

Today one can’t say that Paris on the right bank of the Seine is expensive and elegant and on the left is quite simply and democratically. Everything has confused. Today all talks are about the center. Center of Paris consists from the first to the eighth districts. In these areas, the cost of renting an apartment will be one of the highest in the city. Probably the most expensive are 7 and 8 districts: the Arch of Triumph, Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées. As for the other areas, then we can say one thing: choose closer to the metro.

Date: 22/09/2010

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