Rental in New York: 8.3 meters for Felicia Cohen

Rental in New York: 8.3 meters for Felicia Cohen
Rental in New York: 8.3 meters for Felicia Cohen

"How to become a celebrity for 700 dollars per month?" This title fits the book of the American writer Felicia Cohen, if she will ever decide to write it. Answer for the main question of this book can be summarized in one sentence: rent the smallest apartment in the world in the heart of New York.

Capsule hotels, Yotel tiny rooms - all this has become almost usual part of modern hotel industry. What can be said about the rental market. Renting a flat of little more than 8 square meters requires a truly irresistible passion for austerity.

Felicia Cohen wanted to live in Manhattan, but did not want to give all her salary for housing. So, when her friend proposed her to rent 8-meter room, she immediately agreed.

During first few days, according to Felicia, she had to contend with light claustrophobia, but then she somehow defeated it and life became normal.

Live in eight meters is not too difficult, if your profession is space organizer. Felicia earns her bread by this profession. Therefore, placing of objects and furniture in micro studio for Miss Cohen was a real professional challenge.

Felicia’s apartment is located right near the Central Park. It has a bathroom, which can be accessed by jumping off the bed, arranged on the mezzanine, a table, two plates, spoon and fork, as well as some clothes. Miss Cohen's neighbors pay $3000 per month for a tiny apartment, where the toilet is accessed by walking, but this is, perhaps, the only advantage.

It is unknown whether Cohen’s flat will get into the Guinness book. We only know that if yes, it will be located there next to the world smallest bar (8.5 square meters) located in Switzerland and the smallest public cinema for 9 seats, located in Germany.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 11/04/2011

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