Apartments in Berlin in the largest brewery in Europe

Apartments in Berlin in the largest brewery in Europe
Apartments in Berlin in the largest brewery in Europe

In Berlin, on the territory of once the largest brewery in Europe, will be created residential and commercial complex. Patzenhofer Brewery, located in the Friedrichshein district will be transformed by its new owner - ESTAVIS - one of the largest operators of real estate in Berlin.

ESTAVIS plans to build on the former brewery territory a residential complex for 152 apartments, as well as to present 8 special commercial areas. In addition to historic building will be reconstructed the adjoining warehouse with total area of 8,400 square meters. In addition, new owner plans to create additional 5,500 square meters of new buildings.

The total project cost is estimated at 43 million euros.

According to the CB Richard Ellis consulting agency Friedrichshein district is now considered one of the most promising and fastest-growing areas of the German capital. Currently, in terms of rent Friedrichshein-Kreuzberg district is the second most expensive area of Berlin. Today in Berlin apartment rental prices are constantly rising.

Patzenhofer Brewery is a unique architectural building, which until recently was used as an exhibition center, where their works presented contemporary painters and sculptors. The building is about 130 years. The brewery is a part of a protected architectural ensemble, known as "Actienbrauerei-Gesellschaft Friedrichshöhe vorm. Patzenhofer".

For ESTAVIS purchasing of the brewery was not the first such deal in the Berlin real estate market. In 2010, ESTAVIS bought 37.600 square meters in Glanzfilmfabrik historic complex on the shores of Spree.

Estavis company was founded in 1993. Since 2007 the company's shares are placed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 05/05/2011

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