Agritourism Houses in Tuscany

Tuscany Agritourism
Tuscany Agritourism

Agritourism Houses in Tuscany

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For the first time FTI offers package tours into country houses and Agritourism houses in the Tuscany area. They also offer holiday apartments in Florenz.

Italy vacation in the Tuscany among the cypresses and olive-trees. Its gentle hills and the long-drawn-out tree avenues are considered to be the brand name of the Italian Tuscany. Spending vacation here belongs to the most popular vacation forms in this Italian region. In 2007 for the first time the German tour operator offers FTI country houses and Agritourism enterprises for its guests. “The accommodations promise a particularly authentic experience with style and comfort”,-describes Italy product manager Luca Picone Chiodo. Vacation in the country in the Tuscany is a quite payable pleasure. In the country hotel Borgo di Milano for example an overnight accommodation in one of the twelve vacation homes costs starting from 24 euro per person. The area is situated in the proximity of the small town of San Gimignano and offers itself as a starting point for trips to Volterra, Sienna or Chianti. Extra-tap from travel expert Picone Chiodo: “The high point in autumn is naturally the vine vintage which is accompanied by numerous wine celebrations.”

Vacation on the Farm: Tuscany

The nature park Maremma situated in the southwest of the Tuscany is the homeland of large cattle herds which are guarded by the Butteri, Italian cowboys. In the Grosseto, about 12 kilometers far away from the sea there is the country house Fattoria San Lorenzo. The holiday apartments for tourists are accommodated in two farmhouses. The holidays-makers can buy products of internal manufacturing such as wine and olive oil. You can also taste the wine in a restaurant. An overnight accommodation per person costs starting from 31 euro during two-allocation.

Elegant Holiday Apartment in Florence

Eldorado is for art lovers: Luca Picone Chiodo advises each Tuscany visitor to an intermediate make a stop in Florence. “A walk by the lanes already impresses.” Those who would like to stay for a night are offered the apartment with an elegant furniture. The vacation homes are situated directly in the centre near the Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizien. They are also equipped with marble, timber ceilingd and Florence tiles. If you book such a vacation home with FTI starting with 73 euro per person.

The Tuskany offers from the FTI Italy summer catalog are valid to the end of October, 2007. Offers under hotels FTI

Source: FTI, photo: FTI

Date: 03/09/2007

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