Vacation Area near Annaberg (Tenngau)

Vacation Area near Annaberg (Tenngau)
Alarm around Vacation Area near Annaberg

The holiday village Astauwinkel in Annaberg (Salzburg, Austria) is advised into the visor of the national environmental bar of Salzburg. Although the entire arrangement is almost finished, the environmental bar still requires an environmental compatibility test. There are already 78 holiday houses on 5 hectares area and 20 more houses are going to be built there soon. The building is going to the exact area of 5 hectares. The environment compatibility tests are intended for the building projects in 5 hectares area in the region. In accordance with the submitted documents the entire building project remains exactly 24 squire meters under this magic boarder – and thus without the environment compatibility research.

As the Salzburger radio announced however, the national environmental lawyer Wolfgang Viennese assumed that 5 hectares are to be exceeded: “In this case it is relatively clear, because there are certain surfaces that are to be ranked clearly to the overall project”, says Viennese “I speak about the surfaces that need for the drainage of the cultivated area and which one was not counted here.” (ORF )

The request of the burgomaster Sepp Schwarzenbacher of the Anna mountain with the mayor faced the lack of understanding ÖVP: “The dedication as a special tourist area took place four years ago. And the national environment bar delivered a possible statement. “ – Schwarzenbacher says. – “Now it occurs to the environment bar that one could complain of an environmental compatibility test there.”

Now the environmental senate of the Salzburger Federal State Government must take up the decision.

The finished holiday houses of the holiday village Astauwinkel were sold to Dutchmen predominantly who use these letting or even as holiday houses. The second populated area shouldn’t be from the holiday area.

Date: 23/08/2007

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