Mobile Home Turnover Plus

Mobile Home Turnover Plus
Mobile Home Turnover Plus

The caravan industry announces new record numbers in the conversion with mobile homes in the Dusseldorf caravan saloon. The boom with the holiday houses on four or more wheels is going on. This year the caravan saloon takes place in Dusseldorf from Friday August, 24 (specialized visitor and mass media day) until Sunday September, 2 and promises to introduce a further successful half-year for the industry. The mobile home vacation fans could convince themselves of numerous model changes and innovations with the caravan manufacturers. However, the most beautiful are the figures of the boom-end branch of industry.

The German caravan industry could increase their conversion with new vehicles due to a very good export result with the trailers in the first half-year 2007 by 9,6 per cent on approximately 1.8 billion euro. At the same time the conversion with used caravan and mobile homes increased by 7,8 per cent on 986 million euro in comparison with the last year period. The business with the accessories also developed and reached a volume of approximately 280 million. Altogether from it an industry conversion result was 3.06 billion euro in the first half-year 2007. The Caravan Industry Federation (CIF) announced this on the opening press conference of the Caravan Saloon in Dusseldorf today.

“This sales result is a further positive sign for the development of the Caravan industry 2007”, said Klaus Förtsch, the president of the Caravan Industry of federation CIF. “If the German market overcomes the special effects in football World Championship and value added tax increase and arrives again an a normal development, then we can consider that this turbulent year has come to a lucky end. The unusually good German license payments in July 2007 pass on here still give hope,” Förtsch said

Source: CIF, Ralph Binder/Christelle Beaulieu ( processed)

Date: 24/08/2007

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