Dachas Eradication in Sochi

Dachas Eradication in Sochi
Dachas Eradication in Sochi

The Russian owners of summer houses in the country who built their dachas illigally there are having problems now. Since Sochi was chosen as a host city for Winter Olympic Games in 2014, the district governor of Sochi, Alexander Tkachov wants to proceed substantially against illicit buildings at the Black Sea coast. According to the Russian media in the city of Sochi over 400 processes are started against illegally established houses. Now the vacation homes and dachas without building permission are radically torn off. Only the costs of the expenses are estimated on approximately 4 million euro. And now it should be examined why so many illegal buildings were developed.

There must be particularly too many illegal buildings in Adler, the urban district of Sochi. Krasnaya Polyna is also situated here where the Olympic Games 2014 will be held. The housing estates are really desired and extremely expensive here, so some buyers of a piece of country built their dachas without any permission at all. There are no also development and using land plans for the area. They are to be planned only in the course of the Olympic preparations.

The illegal house builders probably corrupted building authority in Sochi. There are 26 officials here who closed their eyes if it concerned the observance from building regulations. “Heads will roll” – said Alexander Tkachov and he meant the building authority first of all.

The property market in Sochi also for holiday real estates exploded since the decision of the IOC became valuable. Rich Russians want already want to buy holiday domicile that is expected to be removed until 2014 to “the gateway ton future” for Russia.

Date: 20/08/2007

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