Ski holidays in France: The White Race in Autrans

Ski holidays in France: The White Race in Autrans
Ski holidays in France: The White Race in Autrans
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In a small French village of Autrans located in the province of Rhone-Alpes in the south-east of the country in 1979 was held a unique for that time competition in cross-country skiing. Anyone can participate regardless of their age and athletic training. The purpose of the event was to attract more people to skiing. This competition was called Foulée Blanche or White race.

Since then many years have passed and a small village turned into a fashionable, comfortable ski resort, but at the end of January each year Autrans still invites everyone to participate in Foulée Blanche, the popularity of which increases every year. So, for example, in 2009 in the White Race participated over eight thousand fans of cross country skiing. In 2010 the White Race will begin on January 20, within five days thousands of professionals and amateurs of skiing will be able to take part in sports competitions in different styles and different distances. The first two days are devoted to the children; in a fun festive atmosphere will take place 2 races for five and ten kilometers. On January 22 the tracks will be ready for the adult competitions and on the 23th will be held two classic races for 25 and 10 km, they will be attended by those who prefer the classic type to the ridge one. For the first time will be organized the race on the snowshoes. And on January 24 will be held the most important event - Foulée Blanche, in which skiers will compete for the honorary title of winner of the White Race. The distance of this race is 42 kilometers.

In addition to the competition on these days at the resort of Autrans will be held all kinds of entertainment and sports master classes. In addition, anyone can make a fascinating trip to Grenoble, the nearest town, where in the Museum of Grenoble is kept one of the richest collections in France and Europe. It contains artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Tourists can also visit the Bastille - a series of old fortifications on the slope of one of the surrounding peaks.

Date: 20/01/2010


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