In the capital of Malta will be celebrated the Day of St. Paul’s shipwreck

In the capital of Malta will be celebrated the Day of St. Paul’s shipwreck
La Valetta is the capital of Malta
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On February 10, 2010 the whole Malta celebrates the day of its patron saint - The Feast of St. Paul. The most colorful and grandiose events will be held in the capital of the republic - Malta. On this day from the morning in the Church of St. Paul’s Shipwreck are held feast mass, which is headed by the archbishop of Malta. The church itself is one of the oldest buildings on Malta, which was created in the 16th century by the architect Cassar. Now here as a relic is kept the ark with Apostle Paul’s hand and the magnificent frescos by Attillio Palombi reflect the episodes of the saint’s life, also in the church is kept the sculpture of St. Paul made in 1657 by the great sculptor Melchior Gafa. After the dinner will be held one more mass in English especially for the tourists.

After the mass on the main streets of the city will march the festive procession of the city’s La Valette brass band, which will finish in the evening at 21.30 on the square of St. John. All these events will be held is the funny and happy atmosphere: houses and streets are decorated and carnival costumes, festive fairs and performances of street actors will leave no one indifferent.

The history of the feast dates back to the old times in the era of formation of Christianity. According to the legend, the ship that was carrying Apostle Paul to Rome for the trial was shipwrecked near Malta’s coast. Apostle Paul was saved and delivered to Malta. In the hagiography of Apostle Paul is written that he lived only three months on Malta and during this time was able to turn into Christianity all inhabitants of the island. He is said to have performed many miracles that occurred during the time he lived on Malta, but the main one is the healing of Publius, the Roman governor, who was turned into Christianity by Apostle Paul. Publius was said to be seriously ill and Apostle Paul cured him and stopped his sufferings. Publius is considered to be the first bishop of Malta. Later Apostle Paul was delivered to Rome and executed, and in the Church of St. Paul’s Shipwreck is still kept a piece of the pillar to which the Apostle was tied during the execution.

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Date: 26/01/2010


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