In Montenegro will be opened a new national park

In Montenegro will be opened a new national park
New Prokletije park in Montenegro
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In 2010 in Montenegro will be opened to the public the fifth national park - Prokletije. Located on the west Balkan Prokletije mountain range (Cursed Mountains), or as it is also called the North Albanian Alps, is the most inaccessible mountain range in Europe. Every year it attracts in Montenegro a huge number of fans of active and extreme relaxation. However, wild and unorganized tourism causes significant harm to the nature of the North Albanian Alps, on the slopes of which scientists still discover new species of plants. Therefore, the Montenegrin government submitted Prokletije for the status of the National Park under the project "Ensuring protection of the environment and careful handling in the Dinaridy ecoregion in Montenegro". Funding for this project will be the Global Fund for protection of the environment (GEF). This will allow developing greatly the tourism infrastructure without damaging the unique nature.

Experts from Austria and France believe that Prokletije mountain range is ideal for the development of both summer and winter tourism, Bogichevitsa, Babino Polje, Visitor, Bor Radonchicha and Popadia Mountains do not yield the largest alpine ski centers, and the mountain range itself is considered to be the second after the Alps in Europe by the number of glaciers. For example, the area of the ski tracks on Mount Bor Radonchicha is more than 550 hectares, which will allow skiing here for 27 thousand skiers.

Prokletije is a territory of approximately 14,000 hectares, where there are 50 peaks over 2 thousand meters, magnificent lakes and picturesque mountain meadows. The Mountains itself is a small part of the rock mass, which is mostly located in Albania. The length of Prokletije is 70 km. The highest peaks are Maya Ezertse (2694m) on the Albanian territory, Dzheravitsa (2656m) on the territory of Kosovo, Maya Kolata (2530m) and Bogichevitsa on the Montenegrin territory.

On the territory of the future national park there are all the conditions for the development of health tourism and ecotourism, agriculture and sports tourism. Due to the unique nature and wide variety of landscapes Prokletije will be interesting for the mountaineers, rock climbers, cave explorers, hunters and fishermen.

Date: 24/12/2009


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