In Venice will be opened the market of wonders

In Venice will be opened the market of wonders
Venice opens the Christmas Fairs

Venice is the most amazing city. In Venice everything is unusual: location, architecture, local traditions and history, magnificent canals and bridges, music, theater. Tourist, renting an ordinary apartment in Venice, could plunge into deep antiquity and hear the fascinating story that can compete with the immortal Shakespeare plays. Venetians love and know how to relax. And right now on Christmas and New Year in Venice will take place the most colorful exhibitions, performances and Christmas fairs, the whole city will turn into one great and magical tale. In the whole world, perhaps, there is no one city, which would attract so many tourists. In what else city there is a lot of carnivals, festivals, masquerades, balls and grand mysteries? Everything starts with the opening of the Christmas Village at St. Stephen's Square, which is followed by the Christmas Fair on Piazza Martiri in Mirano, where the tourists and city residents can purchase gifts and souvenirs of local artists. And on 10-12 of December, during the celebration of St. Nicholas Day, which this year falls on December 6, will be held the opening of the Market of wonders. It is located on the square of Santa Maria Nova near the Church of Holy Miracle-Worker. At this fair will be sold only old things: expensive antiques, which are so valuable for collectors and just old (magic) trinkets. The church of St. Nicholas itself is called by the locals as the Church of Miracles.

In Venice there is a special relationship to St. Nicholas. Despite the fact that he is an Orthodox saint fiesta in his honor is held with a great scale and splendor, because it is here, where are kept the relics of the patron saint of travelers, sailors, merchants, children, and glassblowers. St. Nicholas is a prototype of Santa Claus, so beloved by all children. Therefore, on the Mirano Island, which is famous for its craftsmen glaziers, at the same time, also will be held the fair of glass Christmas tree ornaments, jewelry and simply beautiful glass gift items. In addition, all this will be accompanied by funny theater performances, brilliant fireworks, performance of street musicians and dancers, as well as tasting of local delicacies.

Date: 29/11/2009

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