Christmas in Norway: Fair Museum

Christmas in Norway: Fair Museum
Christmas in Norway: Fair Museum

In Norway, in the Norwegian Museum of Culture in the capital, Oslo, on December 12 and 13 will be held famous annual Christmas Fair. Norsk Folkemuseum is the world-famous Norwegian ethnographic open air museum that is located in one of the most picturesque places in Oslo, on the Byugde peninsula. Here, surrounded by parks and gardens, is located a town full of old wooden houses, which can tell the curious visitors about the distinctive history of the Norwegians. And here will be held the most important pre-Christmas event in Oslo - Folkemuseets julemarked (Christmas Fair), where in more than a hundred stalls that are made, arranged and decorated in ancient style, you can buy original Christmas gifts, souvenirs, made in national style, and numerous crafts , jewelry and handmade Christmas candles. And, of course, at the fair everyone can try traditional Norwegian treats and drink a glass of Hordaland beer brewed right here in the “Christmas brewery”.

In addition, while visiting different home-exhibits, the museum’s visitors can learn how the Christmas was celebrated in the old days in different regions of Norway during the last two hundred years. The fair’s visitors will also have the opportunity to visit the mass in the Stave Church of XII century, to see theatrical performances and the performance of folklore ensembles. And for children it will be very exciting to visit the workshop of Santa Claus and help him and his elves to make Christmas gifts, and then ride on a sleigh pulled by real reindeer.

Folkemuseets julemarked is a very popular event among locals and among the tourists who visit in large numbers Oslo in these pre-Christmas days. Brightly decorated Norway's capital during Christmas turns into one big festive scene for the grand New Year's show. Activities on the streets does not stop at night; in the city there are more than 100 night cafes, clubs and restaurants, 35 of which are open until 4 am.

Byugde peninsula is one of the most visited tourist areas in Oslo; there are located numerous museums: the Viking Ship Museum, the "Fram" Museum and the "Kon-Tiki" Museum, which belongs to Thor Heyerdahl. One of the most remarkable sights of Oslo is Frogner-park, or rather its part Vigelann Park – a grandiose work of an ambitious sculptor Gustav Vigelann.

Date: 07/12/2009

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