In Dubai opened the highest restaurant in the world

On January 2011 in the highest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, which is located in Dubai, has opened a new restaurant - At.mosphere

UK train tickets can be bought abroad

UK domestic train tickets can now be bought not only in the UK, but also outside the Albion. The opportunity to sell tickets outside the UK the railway management of the country on behalf of the Association of Railway Operators (ATOC) provided for three c

Sex hotels - erotic fantasy or a brilliant business concept?

The original idea came to the mind of the head of the Private Media Group Company, Swedish porno magnate Bert Milton Jr., who thinks that the future of the porn industry is in unique porno reviews.

Property in Germany: 19 billion euros of investments

Real estate market in Germany is recovering after a crisis. And the return to the previous performance is fairly rapid. The data, which is given by the American company CB Richard Ellis, indicates that investors are confident in the real estate market in

Spain: 5-year visas for the Russians

Spain intends to simplify visa procedures for the tourists from Russia. Under the new scheme, the Russians will be able to get a visa for 5 five years. Five-year visas are to be given to those, who have already received Spanish visa at least twice.

Holidays in Greece: the Russians hold the third place

In 2010 holiday in Greece was chosen by a large number of Russians. During the visit the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Greece George Gikitiadis to Moscow in mid-December the press reported the data on the number of Russian tourists, who visited Greek reso
Villas in Dubai. Photo: samir sefrioui

Villas in Dubai became cheaper

Villas and Apartments in Dubai in 2010 became much cheaper. And the most significant decline is demonstrated by the villas, which cost in 2010 decreased by 14%. We can say that against this background Dubai apartment market got off with easy fright - in 2

Singapore: Growth in tourists by 15%

Inbound tourism sets up records in Singapore. October 2010 was a record October for one of the "Asian tigers". In total, Singapore in October was attended by 980,000 people, which is 15.8% higher than the same period last year.

Turkey invests in ski resorts

Turkey plans to actively develop its own ski resorts. To date, ski resorts in Turkey offer approximately 15 000 rooms. The most famous resort in the country is Palandoken. Today it receives more than half of those who spend vacations in the Turkish mounta

Spain: fiesta in honor of innocent infants or a fools' day?

This holiday in Spain is considered to be children’s and children are given more attention and they are forgiven all the tricks. However in sunny Spain December 28 has exactly the same name (La Fiesta de los Santos Inocentes), it has entirely different me

Bali Villas for sale

Luxury villas on Bali in the near future will be put up for sale. One of the leading luxury estate developers in Asia Karma Resorts presented its new project of boutique villas on Bali. These villas will be located in the southeastern part of the island.

Austria has lost 500,000 euros for James Bond

The city of Bregenz in western Austria is at the center of a spy scandal. But the spy involved in this story is not real. The legendary James Bond, or rather the latest film about him, which is called "Quantum of Solace", despite the success in the world

New Year on Mallorca is celebrated with fiesta

The main city on Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca - invites you to visit it on December 31. Moreover, tourists will be able to celebrate not only the New Year on Majorca.

Christmas in Belgium: horse show in Mechelen

Christmas in Belgium offers much interesting, not only during the Christmas sales, but immediately after the holiday. Perhaps the most fortunate this year are the residents of the picturesque Belgian city of Mechelen. Because here since December 26, 2010

On Tenerife will be held the Gagarin festival

Tenerife next spring will be the venue for the Starmus festival – a commemorative event devoted to the first flight of Yuri Gagarin into space. In 2011 will be celebrated the half-century jubilee of the flight. Festival on Tenerife in honor of Gagarin is

The world's largest Santa Claus parade

The biggest parade of Santa Clauses in the world took place in Portugal on 12 December 2010. On the streets of one of the largest cities of the country - Porto - came more than 14,000 Santa Clauses.
Christmas in Europe. Photo: Dago Vidamann

Christmas 2010 in Europe

Christmas transforms Europe. From Madrid to Warsaw streets of European cities are filled with tourists and many Christmas markets, where you can find gifts for your family, friends and relatives.

Rome imposes taxes on tourists

According to the authorities of Rome, the new tax is only a reasonable fee, which travels pay for the usage of the infrastructure of the Eternal City, which will come to the city budget and will provide a higher level of tourist service.

St. Nicholas Day in Switzerland

Switzerland will celebrate the Day of St. Nicholas. In the evening of the third of December in the Swiss city of Kussnacht am Rigi, which is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne in the Schwyz canton, will be held very unusual, but impressive and entertai

A festival of whiskey was held In Zurich

The most refined alcohol, the most delicious chocolate, the purest mineral water and the most expensive cigars - all these attributes of refined pleasure were offered to the public from 27 to 30 November 2010 at the Whiskyship festival in Zurich.

To France for the Chablis wine festival

Hundreds of fans of white wine will gather on November 27, 2010 in the most northern wine-making region of Burgundy, Chablis, which center is the small town of the same name. The festival of white wine has been held in Chablis for many decades.

In Innsbruck will be held the Krampus race

Krampuslaufen is celebrated in many Austrian cities, but the most colorful and massive form of this celebration is held in Innsbruck. As darkness fell on the central streets of the resort there are plenty of people dressed in animal skins and scary mask w

Apartments in Budapest from Singapore company

Apartments in Budapest by Frasers Hospitality are ideally situated: in the historic part of the city - Pest, right behind the Corwin promenade, which is now the largest renovation project of the historic part in Central Europe.

Festival of Light has been opened in Riga

On November 18, 2010 in Riga, Latvia, is to be opened the Festival of Light “Staro Riga”. The main goal pursued by the organizers of the Festival is to create bright, festive mood for the residents and guests.

Property in Spain: How to sell 1.5 million of homes?

The property market in Spain is experiencing hard times. Because of unemployment in the country the number of transactions on sale of real estates has dramatically reduced. As noted by Bloomberg referring to the Spanish consultancy RR. de Acuña & Asociado

In the U.S. is almost finished construction of the first spaceport for space travels

Near future promises great prospects for tourists, which include not only travel to the most remote corners of the planet, but space travel. Building of the world's first commercial spaceport, located in New Mexico between the mountains of Rio Grande and

Munich is waiting for the Tollwood festival

While Munich did not have time to recover from the bustling celebration of the Oktoberfest a new festival promises to once again shake the capital of Bavaria. On November 24, 2010 in Munich starts the Tollwood festival, a holiday that can be compared with

Special VIP tours to Barcelona

Tourist organization of Barcelona Turisme de Barcelona has developed a unique new project to stimulate interest to one of the major tourist destinations in Europe. According to it was named "Barcelona - the city a unique experience". The main

In London was held the travel Oscar award ceremony

On November 7, 2010 in London, in the Grosvenor House hotel, was held a solemn ceremony of one of the most prestigious awards in the field of tourism business - World Travel Awards. This award was established in 1993 as recognition of the highest quality

Festival of marijuana in Amsterdam

From 21 to 23 of November 2010 in the Dutch capital Amsterdam will be held a unique festival dedicated to marijuana - the Cannabis Cup. The history of this holiday began in 1987 when the editor of the High Times magazine published in New York Stephen Heyg
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