The world's largest Santa Claus parade

The world's largest Santa Claus parade
The world's largest Santa Claus parade

The biggest parade of Santa Clauses in the world took place in Portugal on 12 December 2010. On the streets of one of the largest cities of the country - Porto - came more than 14,000 Santa Clauses. The exact number of participants in a grand pre-Christmas procession reached 14.963 persons. Such a massive amount of people dressed up in costumes of Santa Claus has allowed representatives of Guinness Book to record world record titled "The World's Largest Santa Claus parade".

It is worth noting that previous record, which was introduced in the Guinness Book of Records, was also owned by Porto. At that time the on streets paraded 14.472 people.

Organizers of the parade of Santa Clauses in addition to get into Guinness Book of Records also put another noble goal - to raise funds for needy children. As an example of the success of the parade are presented the figures of sales of Santa Claus costumes. As a result of a festive procession were sold 19 000 items.

On the eve of Christmas many cities and countries around the world host a variety of actions in order to attract potential tourists. Thus, the ski resort of Zamnaun in Switzerland every year in November is hosting the world championship among Santa Clauses.The most mass run of Santa Clauses was held this year in London. And in late November in Sweden was declared the contest for vacancy of the main Santa Claus of the country. Announcement on hiring of the main Santa Claus of Sweden was published on the official website of the Employment Service. Among the duties of Santa Claus were sitting in a sleigh and conversations with visitors of shopping malls. The contract was to be signed for a period of seven days. Resumes for the main Santa Claus of Sweden will be received till 16 December 2010.

Date: 16/12/2010

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