Christmas 2010 in Europe

Christmas in Europe. Photo: Dago Vidamann
Christmas in Europe. Photo: Dago Vidamann

Christmas transforms Europe. From Madrid to Warsaw streets of European cities are filled with tourists and many Christmas markets, where you can find gifts for your family, friends and relatives. Christmas 2010 in Europe - this year, as well as in the past those who want to go to a Christmas tour of Europe, can expect mass of interesting offers. Below the portal prepared a small selection of countries and cities of Europe, where you can have fun during Christmas vacation.

Christmas 2010 in Italy

Christmas in Italy at all times attracted thousands of tourists. Ancient Italian cities in December open on its streets many Christmas markets, where you can find unique gifts and try the famous Italian desserts. This year among the events that are devoted to the celebration of Christmas we have highlighted the following ones:

December 17. Switching on the lights on the Christmas tree in Vatican. Rome, Saint Marco Square

3-23 December. Christmas Fair in Turin.

17-28 December. Circumnavigando Street Theatre Festival in Genoa

December 24. The Festival of La Falla - burning of a huge 12-meter tower of cane in the town of Oratino in the Molise province

Christmas 2010 in Spain

Christmas in Spain - it is always fun and noisy. This year's celebration of Christmas in Spain is preceded by numerous music festivals and extravaganzas (national holidays), which are held across the country from Andalusia and Catalonia to the Basque Country. Among them are:

7-14 December
. In Seville for a whole week will be celebrated the Day of the patron saint of the city - the Immaculate Virgin Mary, or La Virgen de La Inmaculada

December 18. In the small town of Torrox will be held Migas Food Festival, where you can try local traditional Christmas fried breadcrumbs, which are cooked in huge pots.

December 24-25. Perhaps the most vivid celebration of Christmas in Spain will be held in the cities of Catalonia, and of course in Barcelona. In churches and cathedrals of Barcelona will be celebrated Misa de Gallo - Christmas service.

Christmas 2010 in Austria

Christmas in Austria - an abundance of lights and music. A feel of celebration is becoming more acute at Christmas markets in Vienna (Town Hall Square), Salzburg (Cathedral Square) and at the famous ski resorts of Tyrol such as Ischgl and Kitzbuhel.

Christmas 2010 in Finland

Finland, as a country that is considered to be the home to Santa Claus, is one of the centers of Christmas celebrations in Europe. Among the events that promise to be remembered by the tourists this year is a march in Helsinki in honor of St. Lucia on December 13, 2010, as well as Christmas markets in the Esplanade Park and the Old Student House in Helsinki.

Christmas 2010 in the Czech Republic

Prague is the main Christmas metropolis of Central Europe. In addition to the traditional Christmas festivities and performances of numerous ensembles the capital of the Czech Republic welcomes tourists to visit a unique Monet and Warhol exhibition in the Fair Palace, which runs until January 7, 2011. And, of course, Prague Christmas Bazaar Prague, which will be organized on the Venceslavskaya square, in the Old Town and on the Havelska street.

Date: 13/12/2010

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Dave Armstead


Please note Migas (in Torrox, Spain) is not a cookie - it's fried breadcrumbs, hearty peasant fare!