Festival of Light has been opened in Riga

Festival of Light has been opened in Riga
Festival of Light has been opened in Riga

On November 18, 2010 in Riga, Latvia, is to be opened the Festival of Light “Staro Riga”. The main goal pursued by the organizers of the Festival is to create bright, festive mood for the residents and guests. Organizers claim that even in the darkest time of year thanks to modern art and light technology everyone can appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of Riga. And although the Staro Riga festival is still quite young and cannot boast of established traditions, the organizers are confident that in the near future it will be a central light show in Northern Europe. This year's light festival in Riga will be held for the third time and will last till November 21.

Since the beginning of Staro Riga coincides with the Day of the Independence of the Republic of Latvia, the first day of the festival will be held under the motto "Light the light in the soul!", where anyone can try to create a light object. And no matter what it will look like: a candle, placed in a window, a festive garland or a small stained glass window instead of shop window, it is more important that on this day everyone will find themselves involved in a big happy event.

At the third light festival in Riga will be featured approximately 75 objects: buildings, squares, bridges, monuments and fountains that using the latest light and video technology will significantly transform the landscape of Riga. Furthermore, many installations will include musical and theatrical elements.

Objects involved in the Staro Riga are divided into seven groups. There are 22 new light objects of the festival program, 20 light objects created in collaboration with sponsors. Seven light objects are the winners of youth competitions, which were created with the support of TELE2, 11 permanent illuminated objects of the urban environment, 6 light objects presented at previous festivals, as well as 6 special installations and for the first time in the history of the festival of light - 3 objects of the international program. Working hours of all objects - from 18:00 to 23:00.

Date: 22/11/2010

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