Sex hotels - erotic fantasy or a brilliant business concept?

Sex hotels - erotic fantasy or a brilliant business concept?
Swedish businessman suggested the idea of sex-hotels

The original idea came to the mind of the head of the Private Media Group Company, Swedish porno magnate Bert Milton Jr., who thinks that the future of the porn industry is in unique porno reviews.

Successful Swedish businessman, Bert Milton, suggested the idea of a network of five star luxury hotels, where vacationers can stay for free.

According to the ingenious idea of the great Swedish porno schemer, new hotels will be located in the most attractive tourist cities around the world. High level porno hotels will offer its guests luxury accommodation for free in exchange for one service: guests are required during their stay to have sex in front of Web cameras that will be installed everywhere in the rooms. These videos will be broadcasted on the Internet for subscribers of Private Media Group porno sites.

President of the Private Media Group Company believes that pornography connoisseurs will be happy to view amateur porn, broadcasted from the luxurious hotels in real time. According to preliminary estimates of Bert Milton every hotel from one hundred hotels in the network will give up to 44 million dollars annually.

The idea of creating high-level net of porno-hotels was born while Bert Milton visited dozens of swinger clubs in Barcelona. However, according to the businessman, it is important to build hotels not only for swingers, not a copy of "frank" hotels where guests go completely naked, but luxury hotels with the best features of swing and nudist hotels.

The original idea of Bert Milton was immediately subjected to enormous criticism. Still optimistic porn magnate is not going to give up and intends to pass the whole way from idea to realization of the project, arguing that the business idea of Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) at the initial stage have also been recognized by critics not more than utopias.

Alesia Belaya

Date: 21/01/2011

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