Festival of marijuana in Amsterdam

Festival of marijuana in Amsterdam
Festival of marijuana in Amsterdam

From 21 to 23 of November 2010 in the Dutch capital Amsterdam will be held a unique festival dedicated to marijuana - the Cannabis Cup. The history of this holiday began in 1987 when the editor of the High Times magazine published in New York Stephen Heyger decided to organize a small public event in support of the promotion of marijuana. However, it is absolutely impossible to hold such a festival in the United States due to its strict laws. Therefore, the first Cannabis Cup was held in Amsterdam, as the Dutch legislation allows the sale of marijuana and products containing it, and its capital is famous all over the world for specialized coffee houses, the so-called coffeeshops. Here, anyone can try and buy cannabis, as well as other plant psychedelics - psychedelic mushrooms and peyote cactus. Since then, the Cannabis Cup is held every year and always attracts tens of thousands of fans of "grass" around the world. It begins after the third weekend of November and lasts for three days.

During the festival are presented recent advances in breeding of marijuana. Many coffeeshops and firms engaged in cultivation of cannabis, breeding new varieties and production of related products, are fighting for the sympathy and recognition of the festival visitors. The winners are determined by an international jury with a huge number of tastings. By the way, anyone can join the jury, the person should only apply in advance to the organizing committee and pay 200 euros. Major prizes and awards are given for the win in five nominations: best shrub grown in a greenhouse, the best variety of marijuana, the best hashish, the best coffeeshop and the best processed cannabis product (eg, oil or beer). In addition, the festival will present products from hemp, souvenirs, cosmetics and jewelry made from marijuana.

The culmination of the festival occurs on the last day when the winners are announced and is held an awarding ceremony. A closing ceremony of the festival is transferred to the coffeeshop, which won in the competitions.

By the way, on November 2 in the U.S., and namely in California, was made another attempt to legalize marijuana. On universal suffrage was passed the bill allowing persons over 21 years to carry marijuana weighing up to 28 grams and smoke it in places that are not public, and where minors are not present. However, the bill, also known as Proposition 19 was rejected by 57% of voters, and supported by 43%. So, Amsterdam will retain the monopoly on the Cannabis Cup.

Date: 10/11/2010

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