Turkey invests in ski resorts

Turkey invests in ski resorts
Turkey invests in ski resorts

Turkey plans to actively develop its own ski resorts. To date, ski resorts in Turkey offer approximately 15 000 rooms. The most famous resort in the country is Palandoken. Today it receives more than half of those who spend vacations in the Turkish mountains in winter.

In 2011 Turkey plans to begin reequipping of its own ski holiday base. Another opportunity to announce the new opportunities in the ski world will be the Winter Universiade, which will be held in Palandokene from 27 January to 6 February 2011.

In an interview for the Turkish publication Hürriyet Daily News, the head of the Turkish ski federation, Ezer Ayjik, said that in 2011 Turkey plans to open about 30 new ski resorts. Today in the country, 62 percent of which territory is covered by mountains, there are only 10 ski resorts.

Turkey hopes that next year the number of tourists at the ski resorts of the country will increase considerably. Currently, the bulk of foreign tourists in Turkey are skiers from Russia, Ukraine and Iran. At the same time many Turkish residents go abroad for the winter holidays. Thus, from Turkey to the ski resorts of France annually go about 200 000 tourists.

Palandoken is destined to become a driving force, which aims to bring the ski holiday industry in Turkey to new heights. In preparation for the Universiade in the infrastructure of Palandoken is already invested about $100 million. In total this year Turkey intends to invest 400 million dollars in the development of ski resorts.

One of the leading hotel operators in Turkey, Dedeman, is already actively participating in the development of the winter tourism industry. So, $40 million was invested in the creation of new hotels at the resort - Dedeman Palandöken and Dedeman Palandöken Ski Loung.

The Universiade, which will be held in 2011 in Palandoken, will be impressive on the number of countries. IN total 58 states will send their athletes to Turkey.

Date: 29/12/2010

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