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Les Clés du Clos
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Vacation in France: France is not only a perfect target for admirers of French cuisine. Even culture lovers, sports enthusiasts and wellness fans are also welcome to this wonderful and romantic country.

It is possible to rent an apartment or a cottage in the rural region for a family vacation. There is enough space for fun here, especially for small children. A sea vacation can also be recommended for a refreshment.

For travelers, who adore city vacation, Paris is offered. This city offers many opportunities to rent a hotel and also allows smaller money bags for the right accommodation.

Paris is well-known all over the world for the Eiffel Tower. Besides, there are many other unique attractions there. The Sacre Coeur, Montmartre and Notre Dame are included here.

Bordeaux is worth seeing for the travelers who would like to know France better. From the one hand, you can experience an exciting city life, culture and shopping there. From the other hand, the beautiful nature is situated in the immediate vicinity to the city. Besides, the huge Dune de Pilat that is worth climbing one day is situated close to Bordeaux. You can also get pleasure from visiting the coast where you can find some bunkers preserved from the World War II.

France is also a perfect destination for those who get pleasure in cultural and recreation combine. has a wide range of holiday houses and apartments in France.

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