Australia will help to save the Angkor Wat

The Australian government was among the major participants of restoration of one of the main Asian attractions - the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Bicycle capital Vienna

Vienna city administration announced plans to expand the network of bicycle lanes. It is planned to build new tracks and increase the length of the existing bicycle lanes by 20 kilometers. Thus, the total length of bike lanes in the Austrian capital will reach 1,220 km.

Real Madrid theme park will appear in the UAE

One of the most titled clubs in the world - Real Madrid - will be memorialized in an unusual way. A theme park will be built in the UAE on a man-made island, which this time is being built near the coast of the Ras Al Khaimah emirate. It will be named after the legendary royal club.

Holidays in Brazil: tourists are coming

Brazil now holds the first rank among the Latin American countries by the rate of the tourist flow growth. According to the government forecasts in 2012 tourism industry in Brazil grew by 7.8%.

The best shopping center of the world is in Morocco

New ultra-modern Morocco Mall shopping center in Casablanca was recognized as the world best shopping center, according to the commercial real estate exhibition MIPIM in Cannes. The award was presented to the Aksal company - general developer of Morocco Mall - on the final day of the event on March 9, 2012.

Valencia celebrates Las Fallas

Las Fallas takes place simultaneously in several Spanish cities. The main festival procession Fallas de Valencia is held in Valencia. Here all visitors can see the most elegant and unusual papier-mache sculptures, which are the main characters of the holiday. In Valencia they are known as Nino.

Sabre offers train tickets

Sabre Travel Network, one of the world's leading suppliers of tourism industry solutions, announced that from May 30, 2012 travel agencies will be able to sell train tickets.

French festivals: gourmet frogs in Vittel

La Foire aux Grenouilles annually attracts about 50,000 visitors, who eat about seven tons of frog legs during the two days of the festival. It is a very large number, because an average it needs 30 kilos of frogs to make one kilogram of legs.

Budget superfast train will be launched in Germany

Great success of low-cost airlines is a good stimulus for the emergence of new low-cost means of transport at different tourist directions.

15 destinations with high tourist potential

In late February TripAdvisor has prepared a list of vacation destinations, which, according to the authors, have the greatest tourist potential in the world. The first three lines of the rating were occupied by the Eastern European cities.

The copy of the famous Mona Lisa was found in the Prado Museum

During the restoration of the painting in the Prado Museum in Madrid, which was considered to be just one of many copies, probably, the most famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci - "Mona Lisa", showed that the picture is much more than an imitation of the genius piece of art.

France will produce wine in China

Moët Hennessy plans to grow on the Himalayas slopes the grape of such varieties as Cabernet, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, which are traditionally used in red Bordeaux production. According to the Moët Hennessy director Christophe Navarre, now it is difficult to find appropriate location for the vineyards do to a set of reasons.

The main US fashion event will be held in Miami

Miami - the main US fashion city - will host the major American High Fashion event. The 14th International Miami Beach International Fashion Week will be held from 21 to 24 March at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Lufthansa welcomes biofuel flights

After a six-month practical trial involving biosynthetic fuel, Lufthansa is pleased to announce the first positive results. In all, 1,187 biofuel flights were operated between Hamburg and Frankfurt

Disneyland offers cheap tickets for the French

Pink castle towers of the Sleeping Beauty, pirate schooners, prairies of the Wild West, princesses, and, of course, indispensable Disney symbols Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Mini. All this is a real dream of the children realized in...

The world's largest dinosaur park will be opened in Portugal

Jurassic Park Europe's largest dinosaur theme park will appear in Lourinha. Lourinha became famous when a perfectly preserved 150-million year dinosaur skeleton was found here. So, it is obvious why Lourinha area was chosen as the venue for the future park.

Riviera lemons: Menton Festival

Over 145 tons of lemons will be used at the lemon festival La Fete du Citron a Menton. This festival enjoys great popular throughout the world along with Nice carnival and Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1. It is one of the three most popular events of the famous French Riviera.

30 million people spent their holidays in Turkey

For the Turkish tourism industry 2011 became one of the most successful years in its history. In early 2011 Turkish tourism industry experts when discussing the possible tourist traffic mentioned that 30 million tourists per year would be the most optimistic figure.

Spain introduces ban on major cash purchases

Construction and housing selling will be especially controlled as real estate market is characterized by the maximum cash traffic, which is very difficult to control. Real estate experts note that this measure will affect, in particular, Russians, who prefer to pay is cash excluding Russian and Spanish banks. Sellers do not declare the money and avoid taxpaying, which deteriorates the economy.

Festival of horse acrobats will be held on Sardinia

La Sartiglia is a horse competition, which attracts riders from all over the island each in the national costume of his family with the coat of arms and emblems. The city is turned into a festive venue, houses are decorated with garlands, paved and asphalt streets are sprinkled with sand and straw, which reinforces the atmosphere of old times, when Sartiglia custom appeared.

The best shopping streets in the world

The French consumer consulting company Présence Mystery Shopping presented the rating of the best shopping streets in the world.

New BMW will be presented at the Portugal resort

German car making company BMW choose Portuguese Algarve resort region to present new creation of the auto giant - updated BMW 3-series.

Windmill Park will be opened in Bodrum

Bodrum, one of the most popular Aegean Sea resorts in Turkey, in the near future is going to present a new landmark. It will be a windmill park.

Attractive clean beaches of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic can be proud of its beaches. In total this country has 15 beaches that were awarded by the "Blue Flag" for the highest level of services.
Festival, England

Straw Bear Festival in England: English caroling

The small town of Whittlesey, which is located in the east part of the Cambridgeshire, once a year turns into a center of the ancient Straw Bear Festival.

Russian tourism boom in Austria

More and more Russians now choose holidays in Austria. Such data was provided by the Austrian Tourist Marketing Agency published on For 11 months of 2011 Austria was visited by more than 360 thousand tourists from Russia. It is by 31% higher than for the same period last year. So, Russian tourist boom in Austria is a real fact.

Christmas sales in Europe

Christmas in Europe, perhaps, is the most favorite holiday not only because of Christian traditions or nostalgic childhood memories. For many people Christmas is a season of different fairs, markets and sales. Ardent shopaholics from all over Europe are planning their trips and holidays for this period. But the most popular places are not museums and local attractions, but supermarkets and boutiques, which windows have such inscriptions as “Soldes”, “Sales” and “Degreffes”.

New York: 2011 tourism records

Such a high level of interest allowed New York to get the status of a tourist center number 1 in the US in 2011. It is worth noting that the goal to reach the rate of 50 million visitors by 2012 was set by the city authorities. However the rate was reached already in the current year.
Christmas in Germany

Christmas markets in Germany: Berlin

Berlin Christmas fairs are an integral part of the holiday in the German capital. More than 60 Christmas fairs are opened in different parts of Berlin. Shop pavilions, giant tents, millions of gifts, thousands of tourists - Christmas shopping in Berlin is like an exciting carousel, which, by the way, can be found at all fairs.

Balloon Festival in Switzerland

In a small Swiss village of Chateau d'Oex, located in the southeast part of the Vaud canton, on January 21 will begin the balloon festival (Festival International de Ballons de Château-d'Oex).
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